Thursday, 23 April 2009

What do you suppose...

...happened to this little chap's tail?

He just came looping up the drive (I love the way squirrels run) with his sibling and I noticed a gap in his tail. His brother/sister was fully tailed, but this one almost looks as if he's been shaved.

I'm not really sure what I am supposed to think of grey squirrels. In Britain they outnumber the native reds by 66-1. We don't have red squirrels on the Preselis any more; the nearest ones live in the forests of mid-Wales near Llyn Brianne. So in lieu of reds, I'll carry on seeing these greys as cute (even if they do eat all the nuts!)


  1. Very cute Mags. I can hear that music - the one used for Mission Impossible!

  2. It hasn't been hen-pecked too, has it?? (Just caught up with your previous post!) It's getting a bit dangerous in them thar hills isn't it?!

  3. Well I like grey squirrels too, they are definitely cute. I used to see a similar one with practically a bald tail, and another with vitually no tail at all.

  4. Has he been to the Poodle Parlour?
    I love them too, that lollopy run, the way they hide in the hedge with their ridiculous tails sticking out... bless.
    I would rather have red, with their sweet tufty ears, but in their absence I do rather welcome the sight of a grey.

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