Monday, 27 July 2009

The Secret Seven

I have been tagged by the elegant ChrisH of Home Thoughts Weekly to describe myself in seven words.

My first thought was that I couldn't think of seven words. Then the one that immediately came to mind was "shy", but that's a habit I'm trying to get out of. Actually one of those TV psychometric testing things boiled me down (after ages and hundreds of questions) to an 'extrovert introvert', so I'm shy, but in a noisy way...

Anyway. I'm not using shy as one of my seven, so what else am I?

1. Domestic. In my head I am a Doris Day kind of a domestic goddess with immaculate 1950s style house, pinny neatly tied, not a hair out of place, baking a pie ready for hubby when he returns home from work. In reality I like the house to look nice-ish and clean-ish, but I'm not a tidy person. I iron only the front of clothes (who looks at the back? It only gets sat on and crumpled.) But I do like to make things like bread, elderflower champagne, jam and marmalade, there's always pudding on Sundays and it's a pretty poor day if there isn't a homemade cake of some sort in the cupboard.

2. Creative. I like creativity. I write because I have to, not because I want to. I have completed one novel, the first draft of its sequel and the first draft of a third book. I have the synopses/ideas for at least three other novels stored away for when I should fancy writing them. I like the creative aspect of newspaper work too - page design, picture usage, the headline. There something very satisfying when you put components together on a page and it looks nice.

3. Chatty. I talk too much. My excuse is that I do spend a great deal of time working on computers or stuck at home on my own with nobody to talk to. When I do find someone I can talk to, I find it very hard to stop. I love a good conversation and fortunately I seem to be the sort of person complete strangers will stop and chat to. I had a great conversation about chocolate cosmos at a garden centre on Saturday, much to the horror of my children. "Did you know them?" asked H7 afterwards. "No," I said blithely. She was horrified. She's always being told (by school and CBBC) not to talk to strangers and there was me chatting away to a big group of them. I over e-mail and talk far too long on the telephone too.

4. Undiscovered. I'm undiscovered. So far...

5. Dogged. I'm not a giver upper. If there's something that has to be done I'll do it - eventually. If I've climbed to the top of a mountain (Helvellyn) I'll get back down again. If I've said I'm running 10K, I'll damned well run 10K. If I've said I'll write 50,000 words in November as part of National Novel Writing Month, I bloody well will. (And I have. Twice.) If I've decided I'm NOT having a caesarian, I sure as hell won't, even if the baby (H7) is facing backwards and the midwife has written my name on the list for theatre...

6. Dreamy. I live in a very busy inner world of complicated thoughts and day dreams. It's very annoying when the real world interrupts.

7. Tongue-in-cheeky. I couldn't think of the word to describe this. What I mean is that I'm not always serious. What I say, write or do might seem serious, but I'm possibly (or quite probably) being glib, or flippant or witty. People don't always get this. Perhaps I do it with too much of a straight face? If anyone does know the word to describe this, please could you tell me?

Now I have to tag other people so I hereby tag: Bovey Belle, Her on the Hill, Mark, TattieWeasle, Dan, Pondside and Pipany.

* The picture is 'Sun' by R5.


  1. I so love what you've written in reply to Chris's request. You are giving me courage to write my own reply.

    (Actually, every single time that I click over to your place, it is a pleasure to travel through your words, and to learn about a life very different from mine, and yet one that I recognize.)


  2. Oh how I can relate to your answers, they might have been the ones I would have given, Creative, Dogged, Chatty ( although Hubby would say I have the verbal runs!!)Domestic one that clings to me like a limpet and I keep vowing the shake off. Great read
    This is a great tag and I shall enjoy the answers of the others when they have done them.
    Blossom xx

  3. This was great Mags and sort of confirmed that we would get on as there is much I share with you. Will have to get my own written now; thanks for the tag! x

  4. What a lovely reply. I love seeing what others think of themselves. Strange, every one of your answers could be me! Looking forward to reading the others soon.

  5. Ooh, elegant - I love it!! Especially as I've come in from a wet, windy run and have the hair and face to prove it! Anyhow, I love your seven and you sum yourself up very well; I think extrovert introvert epitomises the blend of being both reserved and chatty that is you. That's a really interesting picture by the way- did you do it with a graphic plate? And is it your work? You'll have to add artistic as well. Oh, and you can tell from your blogs the pleasure you take in setting things out well. All hail to thee, Domestic Goddess!

  6. Duh! I have just seen who the artist of the picture is. Please tell R5 that I think it is terrific! Also forgot to say well done with your writing.

  7. Chatty? I would never have guessed. ;)

    I really like what you've written. And the art work is superb.

  8. Whew! I've just done a marathon read through your most recent've been, gadding about London.
    Loved your secret seven - I'll will follow you, but can't help feeling that all the good words have been used up!

  9. I love your honesty; and I can't think of the word you were searching for - it will probably keep me awake all night pondering.

  10. Great answers and if tongue in cheeky is not a word it should be. I am also taken with the idea of an extrovert introvert!

  11. Oooh, Preseli Mags - this is just like looking in a mirror (and I am a Virgo indeed - not quite a Virgo Sun, but everything else about me screams Virgo. Am a sub, too - haven't you found, it takes a certain sort of person. Totally identify with your satisfaction of putting things together on a page). Apart from the doggedness, perhaps (bet you've got a smidge of Taurus in there somewhere... Although, having said that, I do tend to ensure I complete what I've said I will, however the likelihood of my saying I'll run 10K is, let's say, pretty small...

    Excellent choice of words.

  12. Yep _ I think you summed yourself up pretty well there - tounge in cheeky - yes - spot on ! See you in Aber soon?

  13. I love your answers. I think I'm some of those things too. I did NANOWRIMO a year and a half ago but chickened out last year as life was too hectic. I may do it this year though. If I do we will have to be buddies if you're doing it again. :D

    And I can't think of a word for tongue-in-cheeky, but tongue-in-cheeky sums it up perfectly I think. :D Or just 'cheeky'.

  14. That sums you up pretty well from what I know about you. Thanks for tagging me, and now I'm back off our hols and we, shhhhh, have a broadband connection at the moment, I had better go and think of 7 things about me!

  15. Hi PM - many apologies for the delay in my response to your tag. Thank you SO much. Feel very honoured - and now need to go and do something about it! Don't hold your breath - it may take a while, but, dogged like you, I will get there in the end. Promise!!

    Loved your thoughts about yourself - not always easy! 'Chatty' is an adjective I could certainly have applied to me - but then, as you are a Virgo, and I am a Gemini, that is no surprise as we are both born under Mercury, the great communicator.

    Really love the picture that F5 has done - that is some talent I would say. That and the writing about Schnauwzers or however the hell you spell it in your most recent post - I am bowled over!

    Also loved the kite pic in the beach post. Fab. Almost made me feel dizzy! But the best bit is just seeing that deep infinite blue sky that so many of us in the UK have been deprived of this year.



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