Friday, 24 July 2009

Simple things please simple minds

Little things that please are what makes life livable sometimes. These are a few of mine from the past week or so.

1. The Sales. Sometimes I don't bother with the sales. I'm not one to thrust in elbow to elbow with fellow shoppers and fight over bargains. Occasionally, though, the mood takes me. This is how the mood took me this week:

What we have is: Bedspread from Laura Ashely (half price), golden, silky, utterly glamorous. I adore it. Handbag, also from Laura Ashley. Reduced from £45 to £12 and big enough to carry my sandwich box to work and a lap-top should I ever get one. Two pairs of sandals from Clarks. I only bought two pairs of shoes. Brian bought three. Clarks love us. Really bright skirt and brown linen trousers from Monsoon. Utterly gorgeous. If the sun doesn't shine, at least I'll have that skirt to brighten my day!

2. I saw it and I wanted it. This is a Ben the Bin as seen on Dragon's Den. "Give him your money", I yelled at the Dragons in the style of Bob Geldof. Thankfully they did and I got my Ben the Bin.

Why did I want one? I hate smelly kitchen bins, so we've always just used a supermarket bag, tossed in the bottom of the cupboard under the sink. The Ben the Bin holds the bag. Simples.

3. Lauren Bag. I wanted one of these too. Available from in various lovely fabrics, this one is called bubbles.
I was lucky enough to win mine in a Pipany giveaway and it is as fabulous as I'd anticipated. I have a huge collection of various types of re-usable bags, but this one is king (or should that be queen?) It is very lightweight when empty and folds up into my handbag. The two pockets on the outside are perfect for water bottles or suncream or other such things (and it's a good place to hide bars of Green & Blacks chocolate). There's a big pocket on the inside too, which is where I stowed all the important maps and instructions for our London trip. In the picture the bag has swallowed: a toy horse, a toy goat, three waterproof coats, a magazine, a paperback book, a large tub of popcorn, a camera, a packet of hula hoops, three muesli bars and The Observer. The straps are wide and comfortable and (most important of all) it doesn't fall off my shoulder and clonk my five-year-old on the head (another bag is guilty of that). I love it.


  1. I have got skirt envy now, Mags (quite something for someone who lives in jeans) just love the colour. You had quite a saletastic time, didn't you!

  2. Well done at the sales! I am a great fan of Clark's sandals and sometimes am lucky to find them at a reduced price.

    Over here, shops seem to be on eternal Sale mode. Even our shop always has a sale corner, even if sometimes the percents of price lowering are really dramatic.

    The economy just won't grant shops (except those selling food!) to have everything at full price.

    It sounds as if the UK is sticking with its tradition of seasonal sales. Maybe that is better.

    Love all your finds. xo

  3. Yo! I yelled "give him the money" too! Now I must put my money where my mouth is (or rather was).

  4. Now I haven't shopped for ages on account of having left my job and hadn't been missing it all but now I too have skirt envy and general shoe envy.
    Repeats quietly "i must not go to chester, i must not go to chester", wanders off muttering.

  5. and bigger fools look on! or so they say.

    I am so puce with envy, or should that be spruce as puce is purple, nah, puce'll do, over that LA bag!!! I never waste my time going to the sales because lucky beggars such as you always beat me to it. LA leather bag for £12.00. Grrrrrr!!!!!!!

  6. Oooohh, lovely stuff. And I especially love that bag. I may be wandering over to have a look at that site. :D

  7. There are few things more lovely than a PRETTY reusable bag and that has to be the prettiest I've seen in a while. Lucky you for winning one of Pipany's creations. Fab photo too - are you sure this isn't a page from Boden or something?

  8. Ahh, bless you Mags for the lovely 'feature' and so glad the bag has been a success. You do look very lovely showing it off with your two pretty girls xx

  9. Hi Mags,
    I'm afraid I've tagged you to describe yourself in seven words - sorry!

  10. You've done well. What's wrong with that?

  11. Sigh, sales, love 'em. Nice bag - £12?? And nice Pipany bag too, I'm thinking maybe the almond blossom one is the one for me...

    But the winner is Ben the Bin, I need one - where can I get one? Genius idea.

  12. I have just ordered the bag for a Christmas present... I'm always running out of ideas so thanks! Lins x


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