Friday, 8 January 2010


It is easy to see, from dramatic skies as we enjoyed yesterday, why artists such as J. M. W. Turner were drawn to Pembrokeshire. The quality of light still attracts artists today and I think it would certainly take an artist, not a mere digital camera, to best capture the majesty of the cloudscapes.

Carew Castle by J. M. W. Turner.


  1. I thought that second one was another photo for a moment!

  2. Wow!

    I am a Turner fan, and particularly like his watercolors. I've been lucky to have seen lots of them (and the sketchbooks, too) on visits to the Tate.

    But to see those clouds "for real" ... I do think that I would constantly be spellbound, and would be dreamer of wonderful dreams.

    Thank you for sharing this beauty. xo

  3. Stunning Mags. Whenever I see a sky like that I want to snap it. I never seem to have my camera with me. Your photos as stunning!

    Ah Carew Castle. I spent half my honeymoon within sight of it and had no idea Turner had painted it.

  4. No chance of seeing the majesty of the clouds here we have white that blends seamlessly from sky into white earth.

  5. Turne reputedly carried dozens of notebooks in his jacket pockets. I once went to the British Museum to look at his notebooks in the back rooms - white gloves and all that - they were stunning.

  6. Wow, Mags - those photographs are absolutely stunning. One of the things I find about sunsets is that the quality of light is so fleeting - if you find you need to run and get your camera, you come back to find the magical moment has gone. It's easy to see how Turner was so inspired.

  7. Mine seems to be about to be blotted out by buildings looming over me. Grrr.

  8. Stunning pictures - and Carew - yes - site of the last jousting championships held in Britain. A sort of late medieval Millennium stadium, I suppose. Hardly central though.
    Turner painted Ewenny Priory on one of his trips to Wales and the scene inside the base of the empty tower had not changed in 200 years when I went there in the early 90s.


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