Saturday, 2 January 2010

How to make a pony snow angel by Itsy

Hi! I'm Itsy and this is how I make a pony snow angel.

Of course you need lots of snow and it helps to have a big fluffy coat.
First you lie down and you roll like this...

Then you roll like this...

Then get up and admire your handiwork...


  1. Ha ha! Perfect :D
    ps, my word verification is decup (in my dreams!)...

  2. Aw bless. Give my little darling a BIG hug from us all here. She is looking lovely and fluffy and I'm glad she is coping well sans rug now.

    Happy New Year to you all.

  3. How funny! My cats do that too, but without such impressive effects!

  4. How lovely to see BB`s former Itsy ( now yours!) looking so well and happy in her new home!

    Our New Foresters are equally woolly and fluffed up against the cold but there is no snow , so far, for making angels.

  5. Well, I loved the name of this post and had to click over to see just how much snow might be required.

    Then, I saw the name Itsy, and liked the exercise even more.

    This is a marvelous post, and had got me thinking very happy thoughts on the second day of this new year.

    How did you get the fabulous Itsy to play this part?


  6. Kath: Thanks, yes she is perfect!

    Bovey Bell: I'll give her a BIG hug. She is very fluffy, but she does still have a wardrobe of rugs to choose from according to the weather (and a stable when it's really bad!)

    Rachel: Our cats don't do angels. They're wimps!

    Dartford Warbler: She'll always be BB's Itsy (she just lives here now). I hope your NFs get some snow to play with.

    Frances: Itsy's a proper diva. She saw the camera and then had to perform. She actually fetched me to show me she was going to do this!

  7. She's gorgeous and good to know she's a bit of a Diva too!

  8. Itsy, you are clearly headed for stardom. Do you plan to exhibit? The Saatchi gallery perhaps.

    A very happy New Year to you Mags. I do enjoy my visits here to pepp at Preseli.


  9. I was teaching my young Breton neighbours how to make snow angels I refuse to go out and teach thier horses as well! perhaps Itsy might pop over and show them!

  10. Oh...that has made my day :o)

    Sumea x


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