Sunday, 28 March 2010

A good start to Sunday

I seem to have been awake for ages and yet it's still only 11am. The weekend when the clocks spring forward to BST is always a confusing one and this time the effect was compounded by the addition of the Melbourne Grand Prix.

I looked at the times the qualifying and the race were on and decided to watch the re-run later on today. My brain, however, had other ideas. Yesterday, at 5.55am my brain remembered that something was happening at 6am and helpfully woke me up. It didn't remember the bit where I decided not to bother with the qualifying.

It did the same this morning, waking me up seconds before the start. H8 and R6 seem to have inherited some of that ability and the race was only half way through when I was joined on the sofa by two wide awake little people. I pointed out that, had it been a school day, they would still be snoring at that time, but they ignored me as usual and we cheered Jenson past the chequered flag together.

Sunday is always pancake day in the Preseli household and I made the batter as usual. Then I was elbowed aside by the youngest member of the family who proceeded to make the whole lot.

She may be the smallest member of the family, but she's one of the most determined. Why shouldn't she cook the pancakes? No reason.

I hovered nearby, keeping an eye should little fingers stray near hot things, but she's far too sensible for that now.

That's another one done. Of course they were delicious - eaten with lashings of fresh lemon and orange juice, caster sugar, golden syrup and Nutella (but not all at the same time!).

The rest of the day is planned as follows: I'm going for a run, H8 and R6 are going to play and then help grandma with the lambs (another set of twins were born in the middle of the night) and then we've got the rest of the afternoon for other things. Some Sundays just seem to go on forever!


  1. That is a pretty cool cooker!

    No lack of hobs in your house I see.

  2. What a lovely gentle day - and isn't it wonderful when even the youngest child takes over ??

  3. I was thinking: pancakes every Sunday? You must be fat? And then - aha - you run it off. A lesson there.

    I've only just popped over from Rachel on Slow Lane Life - I must say your life looks idyllic. And now I must return to my huge pile of marking. Urg.

  4. I have serious cooker envy too... can we borrow your pancake maker too?

  5. I love kids in the kitchen. Long may YD rule!

  6. Your Sunday morning just looks so full of fun and love and trust.

    That new pancake cook surely does know her stuff. Congrats to you on letting her take over.


  7. Have just found your blog via a roundabout following from Wife of Bold.

    What a happy Sunday morning.

    Mad x

  8. Sounds delightful Mags. Used to love Grand Prix - went to all the British ones in the 70s and had dreams either of being a racing driver myself or going into PR (lured by the glamourous creatures in the hospitality tents)! Bizarrely, I ended up years later working for James Hunt's brother - and was still working for him when James died. I will never forget hearing the news of his death drifting up through my open flat window from a car radio as it passed by in the street below. His brother and I are still great mates - a lovely man with a passion for music who was somewhat struck down by malignant myloma some years back. He survived thanks to a bone marrow transplant from his youngest brother, though is a shadow of his former self.

    Love the 'little fingers' in the kitchen. My eldest daughter has turned into the baker in the family. It's so lovely. Love pancakes too - and you have all my favourite accompaniments: lemon, sugar, nutella, golden syrup (but not all together, as you say!).

  9. As the world's worst cook, I think I'm going to invite myself round for a lesson from R6. It all looks soooooooo yummy.


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