Friday, 26 March 2010

Time for the chop

I'm not sure why I don't go for a haircut more often. The last time I went was July 17th 2009, which I was a little ashamed to admit when the hairdresser inquired.

"It must have been a good cut to last that long," she said in awed tones.

"Yes it was, you did it," I reminded her. Of course she had forgotten, it's nearly a year.

Anyway this is the before:

And this the after:

Okay, so it's not so much of a chop - only two inches shorter! All the old dry bits gone and the whole lot ironed into silky submission. Brian says I look "disturbingly like my sister" which isn't an insult as she's always been a bit of a glamour-puss and I've been mistaken for her on many occasions. At one function I got fed up explaining that I wasn't her and had some lovely conversations with people who were thoroughly convinced that I was her. After a while (and as I drank more wine) it got too tiresome to explain (and was much more fun not to!).

"Come in for a free fringe trim any time," the hairdresser said wearily sorting out the mess at the front (not pictured). Well I'll try, but I'm not promising it won't be another eight months before I darken their door again.


  1. Very clever 'no hands' photography ;) You are very lucky, I'm afraid my trips to the hairdresser don't just include a cut anymore!

  2. But you are a glamour puss! I was a bit worried you'd gone for something drastic which would be a shame with such a glorious gift. It looks absolutely lovely, such a beautiful colour.

  3. Very smart. I will get mine nicely cut before Gabby's graduation, but in the interim I barber Keith's hair, and cut the sides of mine and he trims the back . . . as long as I roll it under with the tongs, you can't see any uneven bits and everyone says, ooh, doesn't your hair look nice?! (Which really means that it usually looks an absolute MESS!)

  4. Looking very sleek there in the after picture. Eight months? That's nothing I just left it two years before going to have a new cut. To be fair, though, there had been a new baby.

  5. Very smart. I have to confess it's been NINE YEARS since I had my hair cut. It all started to fall out in 2001 as a result of a nasty virus and I swore that if it grew back (it has) I would never have it cut again. Now I think perhaps I aught to, but am ashamed to go to the hairdresser.

  6. It looks great. I hate going to the hairdresser but do go religiously every six weeks or so as when I was working I felt under an obligation to look coiffed. Not sure it looks as if I do though. Perhaps it is time to stop and see what happens.

  7. Bravo on the beautiful cut! I am another one who stretches as much time as possible between styling appointments. I have learned how to cut the fringe pretty well on my own, and that always allows me to let the rest grow for another few weeks.

    Still...when I do get round to making that appointment, and sitting in that chair, it's soon clear that a skilled stylist really does make a difference.

    And. How long has it been since my last apointment? Closing in on two months. So, I am still a creature of my own habits.


  8. Lins - I did try to take my own picture, but my arms weren't long enough!
    Chris - The camera has made it look orange, which means you can't see all the new silver highlights (and I'm too lazy to dye it often enough!)
    BoveyBelle - I cut my own fringe but I'm not brave enough to tackle any more.
    Silverpebble - I don't think I had mine cut when I had babies either.
    Wild Somerset Child - Nine years? Wow. Don't be ashamed though, hairdressers love a challenge (otherwise they'd refuse to do mine!).
    ElizM - I admire the dedication and level of grooming. I'd never be that smart!
    Frances - I cut my fringe too. Some things just won't wait and it's a 17 mile drive to the hairdressers.

  9. I quit having my hair cut when I retired, just too lazy to go and to hyper to sit still for it. I just grab the nail scissors and whack away. My husband is the glamour puss of the family and gets his hair done regularly.


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