Saturday, 27 March 2010

This is more like it!

Charlotte has finished chitting and is now tucked up into her bed in the Moor garden. This feels like proper gardening at last (even if I did have to cover the bed with clear plastic for two weeks to make it dry enough to work the soil). I can't wait for June and some delicious boiled new potatoes.

Lambing update: Six ewes have lambed. Four sets of twins, two singles. Lamb number one has been rejected by her (silly) mother which is why my (not silly) mother had to milk the two ewes with singles this afternoon so that Number One could have a drink.

H8 (to grandma): "Do you know how to milk a sheep grandma."

Grandma (climbing into lambing pen with clean bucket, wearily): "Yes." After 24 years of lambing she's about getting the hang of it now!


  1. deepest sympathies to the weary shepherdess now feeding a cade lamb - just what you dont want - No.1 as well!!!
    Love the new pic

  2. I hate to admit my ignorance but I just found out that people actually milk sheep!

  3. Desiree is sitting on my windowsill, waiting for Good Friday (we're traditionalists on our allotments up here!), but sadly, no lambs.

    I love the way children talk to their grandparents. They need to ask these questions, because they haven't been around for long enough to know how experienced Grandma really is!


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