Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Lovely things...

A really huge loaf of home made bread: I'm still baking my way through Dan Stevens' River Cottage Bread handbook. This is the basic bread recipe with the addition of a couple of handfuls of oats and linseeds. I baked it on my new bakestone - aka a paving slab from Wickes which cost me the princely sum of £2.50.

H8's fabulous new wellies: Hunters, which are the only ones that seem to last as long as their feet grow, this time in a really bright red. These will get an outing to Badminton horse trials on May 2nd, unless there's a miracle and it's still not raining. 

Cycling in the sun: R6 without her stabilisers for the first time. The aim is to get the feet on the pedals, but all in good time!


  1. How do you use the bakestone? What sort of slab?

  2. Mark - It's a 30x30cm ordinary paving slab (faux York stone, I think). I scrubbed it clean and it goes onto the oven shelf into a cold oven. It's really thick, so retains the heat really well. See page 67 of the book, mine's very similar.

  3. Wow, you've just made me very hungry! Love the wellies, the colour is FAB. I want a pair (in a larger size of course!)

  4. dare I say that that bread looks good enough to eat? Love it that the slab is just that, and not something costing nigh on £30 (but exactly the same as a slab for a couple of quid). Is it not far too heavy for a feeble oven shelf though??
    strange to be back in blog land...

  5. That bread is amazing - hope it tastes as good as it looks.

  6. Fab wellies! Truly lovely things - wellies!


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