Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Spring in my garden

These are all tulips from Sarah Raven's Venetian collection. I think they're just gorgeous, but there are more to come. The oranges have come out first, but there are some dark handsome ones to follow.

I love the fleck of green in this one.

This is a teeny tiny species tulip, just peeping through.

Magnolia Stellata flowering for the first time. It was one of those Gardeners World magazine 'free magnolia for every reader' offers and was little more than a twig when it arrived. I planted it in the garden and, just as it was settling in, it got weeded by mistake. Currently it's in a pot in the lee of the polytunnel until it's big enough to try its chances in the big garden again.

Erysimum Bowles mauve - flowers its socks off for most of the year. What a star!

Dicentra spectabilis - or Dutchman's breeches or bleeding heart etc. 

My favourite paeony fighting its way though the primulas, wild strawberries and aquligias.

This afternoon's project - the wigwam for my sweet peas. Hazel from the hedge bound up with willow. Not the best example of handicraft perhaps, but free.

Merryweather damson, planted just a few weeks ago and now in glorious blossom.

Little gems for a future salad. The polytunnel is bursting at the seams with seedlings.

A tiny fern finds a home in the wall I built last year.


  1. Gorgeous pics, Mags. I love tulips but they would be blown to pieces here, I don't think any one has them. Same with polytunnels, a new neighbour across the bay had one put up last year and one very windy day we were treated to the spectacle of the plastic covering being completely ripped off and flying over the beach and far away!

  2. What a beautiful spring garden you have! Wish that I could come over and be your assistant gardener.

    The variety of plants and blooms that you've shown are just what I would like to grow ... had I a garden of my own. (Keep thinking about Virginia Woolf ... I've got the room of my own, but no garden!)

    Your sweetpea teepee is terrific ... maybe you'll remember seeing some similar structures in photos I've posted from Central Park's Shakespeare Garden. I think that your teepee is even better than what I saw in the SG.

    Best wishes. xo

  3. I wish I could grow those beauties in out garden. But the soil is incredibly sandy (the land used to be river bottom a millennium or two ago), the growing season is short, Bears aren't very good gardeners (though I think the tulips would be very tasty!), and a certain dog has no respect of boundaries.

  4. Cor! All credit to you for getting anything to grow let alone all the magnificent specimens you've shown a glimpse of here.

    Talking of magnificent specimens I've just caught sight of that bread below... hmmmmmmm!

  5. Love your garden...

    I considered buying Sarah Raven tulips last year but didn't. Wish I had now after seeing your lovely flowers...gorgeous colours.

    Must try and get some of that Erysium too...very spectacular

  6. I think your sweet pea wigwam looks perfect! Love all teh tulips, my favourites!

  7. Wow, these are absolutely beautiful and your photography is superb.

    CJ xx

  8. I love the vibrant colours of your tulips. I'm a polytunnel fan too - aren't they great from starting stuff off early - busy time now.

  9. Your photographs are lovely... and I so want those tulips now. They are mouthwatering.


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