Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Days of May

Is it still May? The days are just hurtling past at the moment. There's so much to do in the house and the garden. This is a sneaky shot which peeks into the main part of the garden and hides most of the things I haven't done yet (like sow the new lawn and get rid of all the couch). It's the other side of the view from my kitchen and I think it looks very pretty at this time of year.

Beech trees look beautiful at the moment and this is taken on the school run - it doesn't nearly do it justice though. This benign little stream is one of the reasons I have a 4x4 - it can get so deep in the winter that an ordinary car can struggle to get through.

The joys of country living. Calico, Mum's house cat, with yet another rabbit. She made certain that this one was dead before she brought it back. Last time she took it straight into the house and let it go. It bounced away and got rescued. This one wasn't so lucky. When the cat had become bored with it, Mum tossed it over the hedge into the field and our resident buzzard nabbed the remains. An interesting interaction of domestic pet and raptor.

Here I am persuading Itsy that it would be a good idea to go for a very short ride. Itsy was a bit too fatsy for her own saddle and girth, but my much missed old Shire x Welsh Cob's saddle fitted her a treat. We had a bit of a plod about the farm and the yard for a few minutes. I didn't want to risk girth galls, bad backs or days of me walking around like I was still on the horse! Little and often, that's the thing for Itsy, me and Pippin too.


  1. That's some pretty impressive rabbit hunting there for a domestic cat.

    You should train her to go for deer next

  2. Poor little rabbit looks as if it got frightened to death! You and Itsy take care - be kind to your back. Cx

  3. Hello Mags. It's been ages since I was able to visit blogs as our dear computer crashed and this one is so very slow. off for a catch up now. Love your tulip banner at the top xx

  4. Dan - We thought about deer-training, but worried she might think our sheep and lambs an easier target.

    Chris - Cats are awful aren't they.

    Pipany - hello again (from a tulip-obsessed woman)!

  5. Our rabbit-catching cat (Honey) has sadly gone to that big field the other side of rainbow bridge.

    Your garden looks lovely. Itsy looks . . . plump! . . . I am glad you had another saddle to fit her but laughed that its original owner was half Shire!!! I am sure she is going to really enjoy her jaunts out with you and I hope she behaves herself.

  6. BoveyBelle - and that's Itsy post-diet! The other two are really skinny after the hard winter, but Isty - er - less so. Too snug in her rug perhaps.

  7. Good grief - she's always liked both sides of her toast buttered! In that case, I had best say how slim she looks after her diet : ) Jennie xx


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