Thursday, 20 May 2010

Other things too

It's not all tulips and gardening here y'know! Life in the Preseli Hills may be a rural family blog, but other things get done too.

Two things I have signed up for recently are both cyber-based. The first is Little Mummy's Blogging e-course which is a weekly e-mail course about blogging and how to do it. I have been blogging for ages, since April 22nd 2007 on Google Blogger and before that on the Country Living website, so I'm not exactly a newbie, but this course is a way of finding out that what I have been doing is mostly correct and teaching me the things I have missed along the way.

One is adding pages to your blog, which is why there's now a 'Home' and an 'About me' at the top. Future ones will cover promoting and marketing blogs, which isn't something I've done much about in the past.

Another one, which you can see from the handy little widget on the right, is Dotterel's Creative Writing e-course. Dotterel is well-known blogger of Bringing Up Charlie fame and author of the book Writing Therapy.

His course is another which pings into your in-box in weekly parts. We're on week three, but it's not too late to sign up.

Writing has been my job for nearly 20 years now, as a local journalist and I've had one short story published, but I believe that skills are always there to be learned and to be brushed up. Click the widget on the side of this page to find out more and look for @Dotterel on Twitter.

Both e-courses are free, well-written and good fun too.


  1. I know what you mean about always wanting to pick up tips but you're already bursting with writing knowledge Mags - and it shows.

  2. I agree with Chris, as Gordon might have said!

  3. Hello,

    Thanks for linking to the e-course, it is mostly aimed at beginners but there's always something new to learn about blogging :)

  4. I'm signed up too but have yet to start as trying to get work out the way first....then oohh the bliss!

  5. Oooh, so you're with the wonderous littlemummy! Huzzah. Do so love it when my cyber-mates meet up and for once, I've met both of you in the flesh! Hmm, thinks, I need to suss out the pages thing - had better sign up I suppose... :)

  6. Thanks PM that link looks interesting. But not sure that you need it!


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