Wednesday, 14 December 2011

The Dog's Blog

I sid on das compootar cadair today. You dere? I sehen you. De mummy she say GED OFF DAS COMPOOTAR CHAIR! I hignore har. Dis is my blog.

I say TIDY ZIS DESK! IST MESS! She say GEDDOWN DOG! I hignore har 'gain. She rool das eyes at mir. Vat I sehen of das blog? You haf problem? You tell Schnauzer. I fix.

Today I hav visdom vor you. Dis visdom is vrom Johan Wolfgang von Goethe. Das not easy nach type mit paws. Vot he? Volf? Goat? Anyways. He sehen: Courage is the commitment to begin without any guarantee of success. He right. I tell dat to de mummy 'bout desk. She sehen: GEDDOFF DAS COMPOOTAR DOG!!! I hignore 'gain.

Das ist the end of dis blog. My favorit ist auf dem TV.


  1. that had me chuckling - for some reason I got Rene Artois and the whole 'Allo, 'Allo cast in my head reading that - your pooch taking the role of Herr Flick!

    Your desk looks like mine - explosion in a paper factory!

    Gorgeous dog though.

    btw wv is couch - maybe an instruction to the errant dog?!

  2. That's a dog who needs his own private blog, like the one we have. And a spell checker.

    From the cats - who think their secretary doesn't work hard enough.

  3. You have a wise dog there. I think he was speaking directly to me. Still laughing too.

  4. Loved it! & Ivy's comments of FB too. Zoe's also making me laugh :D

  5. I have cats who think blogging is something which is greatly in need of subversive intervention . . .

    Hah! Whoever is in charge of word verification is in the right mood tonight - I have to type in "inglys"!!! Someone dropped the J . . . and possibly an e . . .

  6. :) I got Manuel from Faulty Towers!

    We have an elderly lady Schnauzer. She too thinks she's in charge.

    Scnauzers have selective deafness!


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