Saturday, 31 December 2011


It's the last day of a very wet year. I have just walked the dogs in what seems to be unending drizzle. Sometimes it is difficult to stay upright it is so squelchy and slippery underfoot.

The fields are full of little pockets of muddy water. When you slide into them in your welly the water is squeezed up in a fountain of cold brown water which plasters up the front of your jeans.

The big dog seems largely impervious to mud. It doesn't show up on his black fur, not even on his paws. He leaves prints on the cream tiles. The small dog is more attractive to mud and water than a sponge. He has housedog privileges so judicious application of the hose and much towelling is required before he's allowed in.

It's been like this for months and it will be like this for months to come - unless we have a cold dry spell or even snow like we had last year. We were snowed in last year and hold secret hopes for the same again.

This time last year

Meanwhile the birds sing happily  in the treetops, despite the drizzle. At the end of our walk I noticed Scamp had something in his mouth. A stick? No! Is that a feather sticking out? PUT IT DOWN! He put. A bird, swollen with rainwater and unrecognisable. Canine treasure.

Back inside and it's time to light one of the wood burners. The small dog and I quietly steam while the girls paint.

I have been reading the Ivington Diaries by Monty Don (Christmas present from my mum) and this has inspired me to take a more diary like approach to my blogging. It's a sort of New Year resolution. Short pieces recording what's happening on the farm and in the garden. I always find Monty Don rekindles my enthusiasm for my garden, especially after a difficult year. I might even order some seeds now.


  1. I love the Ivington Diaries. What an excellent idea - to start reading this again at the beginning of the year. I have just been thinking about looking through Sarah Raven's seed selection myself! This Pembrokeshire gloom will not last (well, not for ever, anyway!).

  2. Ah yes, mud..... South West mud.... all thanks to the South West generous rainfall........

    Happy New Year!

  3. Sounds heavenly now that you're all ncie and warm and dry again. Pass us some rain we desperately need it here in the east! My moat is dry!
    Happy New Year!

  4. Serendipity - we shared the same drizzle to go for a walk in! I saw the first CELENDINE too - even before the New Year, which is amazing, and there were wild Primroses out over Christmas in a lane near us.

    I think we will pass on the being snowed in bit this year as we have to get Danny to and from work . . .



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