Monday, 19 March 2012

Tadpoles update and a hill walk

In case you were wondering about the frogspawn I blogged about in January, it's hatched and the pond has been full of wriggling tadpoles for a few weeks now. Only a couple were up and about first thing this morning.

It was very frosty though so perhaps you could forgive the tadpoles for hiding in the warmer depths of the pond.

I checked on my other babies in the polytunnel - sweet peas doing well, other seedlings peeping through, nine out of ten strawberry plants doing nicely (one completely missing, something has swiped it.)

Then Brian suggested we take the dogs for a short walk on the Preselis.

The dogs were keen on the idea of a walk, but they HATE travelling in the car.

We headed for Pantmaenog, just the other side of the hill from us and not far enough for car sickness to take hold. Puddles must be sampled which means wet paws.

The trees have been harvested recently and a network of paths opened up to walkers, horse riders and bicyclists. The effect of the loss of mature trees on the landscape is quite dramatic (this hill looked as if it had male-pattern baldness for a while) but it's softening now and the new baby trees are getting a foothold.

The paths are bordered by chattering streams with musical waterfalls leading to big still pools that reflect the clouds.

We had intended driving a little further to the top of this hill which has views towards Ireland, but the dogs couldn't cope with the car for that long today. Perhaps next time.

Looking down on the old Rosebush slate works with the path from the car park in the distance. The 'short' walk we planned turned into a two hour, eight mile hike right round Rosebush but the weather was lovely, the sun was shiny (mostly) and the two dogs were happy.


  1. What a lovely outing! I would so like to get out there with you, and the dogs.

  2. Glorious countryside - I envy you the solitude. Here, even though we have some amazing countryside around - you never seem to quite get it to yourself, and there is always the nise of a road/motorway or hekicopters and jets overhead.

    I am not mad keen on the conifer plantations, they are bleak sterile places that crowd all other life out. Think it will look much nicer now the trees have been felled.

    We saw a lot of spawn in the canal at the weekend - but no tadpoles, although I did spend a considerable amount of time watching what I assumed to be a mole making tunnels under my feet.


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