Sunday, 27 September 2009

Busy, busy, busy...

This was last Sunday. A glorious sunny September day. It started with a chill in the air and I went for my six and a half mile run while Brian, H7 and R5 pottered in the garden. Brian's version of 'pottering' is to dig a deep trench down the centre of the garden ready for the installation of a land drain and so control the rain which torrents in a river down the middle.

No torrential rain last Sunday, though, so we went to Newport beach for the afternoon.

Holidaymakers flock to the beach in the morning. Locals know it's better to wait. The best time on Newport is in the afternoon when everything's had the chance to warm up a bit and the sea is that much more benign.

The tide was out too, so there were loads of rock pools filled with anemones, teeny fish, shrimps and lots of little crabs like this one, below, sitting on Brian's hand. The rocks were crammed with mussels too - not big enough to pick, yet - and there were interesting holes in the sand betraying the presence of razor clams. We made a mental note to go back with a bucket of and pot of salt, for a spot of clam 'fishing'.

Back to this week and yesterday saw the the Brownies Centenary launch party for which I was asked to provide cakes. I remembered KittyB's recipe for buttercream on her Eggshell Diary blog and this is my best effort at copying her delicious-looking cupcakes.

Yesterday was Narberth Food Fair too, but having had a quick, horrified, peek at my bank balance, I had to cry off and instead Granny in the Annexe went and collected a basket of apples for me. This saved me from the many temptations of its lovely stalls and the likelihood of throwing caution, diet and overdraft to the wind!

This is two-thirds of the black pack, Mitch in the foreground and Toby in what has now, originally, been named (if only by me), Toby's Pot. It has a cat-bottom shaped dent in it as he spends much of the day gazing adoringly through the glass into the Granny Annexe. Yesterday he was actually inside the GA in a daring fit of bravery during which he stole Calico the GA cat's breakfast. Wild cat? Yeah, right.

Back to this morning and to a Sunday family tradition. Nearly every Sunday I cook pancakes of some sort or another. These are my version of Nigella's banana buttermilk pancakes. See Cooking is A Game You Can Eat for my recipe.

Happy Sunday!


  1. Narberth food festival - and I missed it too! I was going to call into Ultracomidia on my way past, but as it is just me and Dylan here I thought I'd give it a miss - Grrrr...

    I lke Newport beach - we saw a basking shark near there in January - couldn't believe it; it was ENORMOUS!

    Lovely pics, but where has the sun gone today?

  2. What a lovely post. I didn't go to the Food Festival either - busy car booting instead. Your banana buttermilk pancakes sound divine, so of to investigate!

  3. The beach photos brought on a serious bout of nostalgia - looks fabulous!

  4. Lovely photos, Mags - I know what you mean about the bank balance.

  5. Tiny little spider in the hand is enticing, but not nearly as much as ...
    those remarkable cupcakes (could have gobbled them all down easily) or those regularly produced pancakes ... enough to make everyone want to wake up early.


  6. lovely photos, l love seeing other peoples beaches & as for those cupcakes - mmmmmn


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