Monday, 28 September 2009


In the car on the way home from school. H7 has been learning English (at her Welsh school).

H7: I know a trick for spelling the word 'because'.

Me: Do you sweetie?

H7: Yes. It goes: Big Elephants Can Always Upset Little Elephants.

(Proud pause from H7.)

Me: Um... (Marking letters on fingers... doing it again... B. E. C. A. U. L. E.) Er, Little Elephants?

H7: No! Small ones! Small Elephants mummy!

R5: I know one too!

Me: Go on then.

R5: Big Giraffes Can Always Upset Small Giraffes!

Me: Er... no...

R5: Big Lions Can...

H7 and Me: No...!

R5: Big Tigers...?

H7 and Me: No...!

R5: I had veggie fingers for lunch!

Me: That's nice sweetie.


  1. Brilliant! I loved this Mags. Just inspired bless 'em! xx

  2. Very funny - I like to write these down and remind the boys as they get older

    I also like the idea of veggie fingers - kind of an oxymoron.

  3. Wonderful non sequitur there! Absolutely esential to write these things down Mags, they are so easily forgotten.
    Our favourite spelling trick is Oh U Lazy Dog for the -ould in would and could.

  4. But clearly I need spelling lessons too. Insert an extra "S" in essential at your leisure...

  5. Whatever works, works!

  6. There's one about the sequence of dressage markers too - something about All King Edward's Horses Carry Many Black Feet or something stupid!

    Oooh, just found this: - essential knowledge for a Tuesday . . .

  7. BB: Thanks for the link! I'd forgotten those from my dressage days.

  8. You've told this so beautifully, allowing us all to go along for that charming ride.

    (Also love the photo of elephants about to get their feet wet.)


  9. Aren't they great?! As Patsy says, it is so important to write them down. I know I have forgotten hundreds of similar 'magic moments' of linguistic gymnastics with my girls as they've been learning to communicate.

    A fleeting exchange in the car on the way home from school - well done for catching it and immortalising it.


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