Monday, 26 October 2009

Fame at last!

Back in July I was lucky enough to be treated to a fabulous trip to London where I took part - in my role as one of Disney's Blu-ray ambassadors - in the filming of three Disney adverts promoting the wonders of Blu-ray.

It was enormous fun and quite bonkers. We had hair and make-up done, then sat on a sofa and chatted about Blu-ray while they shone big shiny lights at us, stuffed microphones down our cleavages and pointed cameras in our direction. There were two groups - one in the morning which was three female bloggers (sorry I don't know who they were), and one in the afternoon which was (left to right as you look at the screen) Jo Beaufoix, Dan of All That Comes With It, Linda's lovely twins and me.

I honestly thought I'd end up on the cutting room floor, but there I am waving my hands around and saying: "Are you mad?" in 'Picture and Sound'. I thought I'd hate seeing myself on screen, but I find it absolutely hilarious for some reason. The best laugh I've had in ages. I loved every minute of it and I'd do it again tomorrow. Oh, and by the way, Blu-ray really is fabulous, you know, and Christmas is coming...

So, if you've got a few minutes to spare, here are the adverts:

Picture and Sound:

Ease of Use:

Perfect gift:


  1. Such a glama-mama! I know her, you know. Puffs up with pride.

  2. What a star you are. Well done.

  3. What a treat to see you On Film! Am I the only person who had no prior idea of what on earth Blu whatsit was?

    Very out of it, but do appreciate a good performance. Please do take a bow. xo

  4. Oh spooky. I was in a shop on Saturday and there was sony blu ray on offer and I thought - that's what Preselli Mags was reviewing, mmm...

    I resisted but it's only a matter of time. And I bought a flip video camera instead which is so simple it is great fun.

    PS Went to see Fantastic Mr Fox at Haverfordwest on Sunday - don't bother, way too complex for the little ones and absolutely nothing like the book. Very disappointing.

  5. Wow - cop those Judy Garland eyebrows!!! Bet you had fun : )

  6. hey you look and sound like I thought you would Mags, you glam gal you! How exciting for you xx

  7. Well done - you look and sound very composed - like a pro!

  8. We need a new dvd player - is it really that simple?

  9. Hello there! I'm one of the other bloggers, from the morning filming darling! We also thought it was surreal, and my two daughters were in a huff because they didn't get to be filmed. They're very jealous of Linda's girls!

    Just in case you're wondering, I'm the one in the middle wearing a fat suit.


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