Wednesday, 28 October 2009

The Lewis Hamilton one

Conversation with R5 at the dining table. Chicken pie is on the menu. Before dishing up I'd just been reading a story on the BBC website about Nicolas Sarkozy and a very expensive, but unused, shower. R5 had been looking over my shoulder.

R5: Who were you reading about mamma?

M: About the president of France.

R5: Who's the president of France?

M: President Sarkozy. France doesn't have kings and queens like we do, they have a president. We have a queen and a prime minister.

R5: Who's called Gordon Brown.

M (stunned): Yes.

R5: What's happened to the other one?

M: Which other one?

R5: The Lewis Hamilton one.

M (nonplussed. Pause. Light bulb moment): You mean Barack Obama? The president of the United States of America?

R5: Yes. That one. What's happened to him?

M: He's still the president of the United States of America.

R5: Mamma, is 'Lewis Hamilton' Lewis Hamilton's real name?

M: Yes it is. (Thinks: Why can't my children ask about simple things like the birds and the bees?!)


  1. Fabulous.

    It was strange (but good) seeing you moving and talking in that advert for blu ray - I'm so used to imagining you through what you write here.

  2. Just wonderful, still chuckling and also being v impressed at R's general knowledge. Half the adult population don't know who the prime minister is, or some such number from some survey or other! she will go far.

  3. I love these ramdom bits of conversation!
    Advert for Blu-ray? I must scroll back to see what I've missed.

  4. children do come out with amazing stuff, it can be so hard to keep a straight face at times

  5. Thank heavens for children (and grandchildren).

  6. Blu Ray? I need to scroll backwards.


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