Friday, 23 October 2009

Half term already???!!!

How can it possibly be half term? We've only just finished 'summer'. School, as Alice Cooper says, is Out (as of yesterday - today was 'Inset').

Instead it became a cooking day - Halloween cupcakes for Brownies with H7 (see Cooking is a Game You Can Eat) and a long-ago promised batch of 'play dough' (aka bread dough and yes, it is still edible) for R5.

It's also been a thoroughly confusing day which followed an uncomfortable night. Brian decided (abetted by silly me) that last night was a good night for a bottle (each) of Hobgoblin ale. Tasty stuff. Made me very sleepy. Soothed the annoyance of that odious little man on Question Time.

Then, in the middle of the night, I was woken by blood-curdling wails. I dragged myself out of the dark, deep depths of sleepland, got (fell?) out of bed, headed unsteadily for the bedroom door and walked smack into the wardrobe.

WTF is in Hobgoblin ale? Evil stuff. It robbed me of my sense of balance in the middle of the night, right when I was being called upon by R5 to soothe after a vivid nightmare involving monsters (and no, she hadn't had any Hobgoblin ale at all).

I eventually climbed along the wardrobe to the bedroom door and beckoned to child to join me in the comfort of the parental bed which, unlike the floor, was relatively stable underfoot.

A few cuddles later and R5 headed back off to bed (she's never been one to spend all night sleeping with mum and dad - she likes her own bed best) and I accompanied her, sliding carefully along the wardrobe, through the door and along the landing. By the time I made it back to the safety of my own bed my brow was beaded with chilly beads of cold sweat and the bedroom floor was lurching like a ship in the teeth of a perfect storm.

In the morning I had an achy bruise inside my head and still (6pm) feel slightly lopsided. Highly alarming. I shall stick to Sauvignon Blanc from now on; Hobgoblin ale is evil.


  1. Methinks that something other than the Hobgoblin could be the cause of your night-time adventures!

  2. Like what? I only had one bottle of the evil brew. (Never again). Can't do alcohol these days. Lightweight.

  3. I was thinking of some form of lurgie affecting both you and R5... but I guess it'll be a long time before you take the risk of testing the ale again!

  4. No lurgie (unless something lurking unknown...) Hale and hearty here. Felt slightly lurgie-ish post-ale though. Hopeless.

  5. Eech - I rather like a bottle of hobbygobby myself. Maybe it was just lack of beer practice.

  6. I shall have to try some.

    Back in Wales tomorrow. Too long away.

  7. Stick to cider - that Taffyapples is darn good.

  8. hobgoblin? we stick to wold top, no nasties following a slurp of that, mind you next weekend is Goth Weekend in Whitby.

  9. Ouch! Hope your hurty head is better now.

    (And speaking of which, we finally visited Cnapan and it was brilliant, well worth the wait but Tom and Mr Next Door had 'banging heads' as a consequence. Mrs N.D and I were more restrained.)

  10. Love your description of feeling your way along the wardrobe. It does seem a bit harsh in response to a single bottle!

  11. They had coverage of the Cardiff Half on TV last night - I'm almost sure I saw you there.

    But I'm afraid I have to conclude, unless the Hobgoblin had been spiked, that you might just be a bit of a beer lightweight!


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