Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Hoppy days...

Mido Dog always goes straight to his water bowl after his First Thing in the Morning Walk. Today, however, he didn't want to drink...

It was a bit too hoppy...

Our hoppy little friend had hopped in, but couldn't hop out again. He was duly escorted back outside to more appropriate froggy surroundings. The bowl was washed, replenished with fresh water, and Mido Dog was a happy boy again after his hoppy encounter.


  1. So you didn't kiss it then?

    There'd have been tears in our house. The boys always wanted a frog for a pet, especially Dan who is still a bit fascinated by all things reptilian.

    Croak croak.

  2. Hoppy indeed. Your sweet dog was very civilized. Glad that the little frog got its freedom and water service was restored.

    (Great photo!)

  3. Lord! Usually find big fat slugs in our dogs bowls!

  4. Yep, that would have put me off my drink too!

  5. We had two in our Bertie's bowl yesterday. He managed to avoid both of them.


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