Monday, 14 March 2011

Catch up

Oh goodness! Nearly a week since I blogged. Here's a quick catch up.

Pancakes for breakfast, children off to school, four mile run, cleaning, washing, walking dogs, two miles walk/run to school with Big Dog. Collect own children, spontaneously collect R's friend M for good measure run/walk/scream/laugh the two miles back home. Reward Big Dog with many biscuits. Feed children, feed dogs.

Children to school. Discover packets of just out of date fruit in cupboard, hurriedly make fruit cake. Make Oreos cookies and cream brownies too. Walk dogs, clean other bits of house in half-hearted fashion.

Children to school. Take coffee, cake and join Jo on seven mile walk around Llysyfran dam. Return home. Doodle about in garden for a while. Eat cake. Take H9 to Adran for annual parent duty. Toss pancakes for an hour. Return home. Open wine.

Accompany children to school. Park adult-sized bottom on child-sized chair. Chat to parents not seen for a while. Watch singing and recitation entries for this year's Urdd Eisteddfod. Marvel at talent, cry at cute ones, laugh at funny ones, damply watch own offspring's efforts, clap. Complain in silent text to husband-at-work that bumb has gone numb. Escape at lunchtime to un-numb bumb. Walk dogs, collect children plus (different) extra. Feed same and send two elder ones off to Brownies. Eventually children go to bed. Settle down happily with Monty Don and glass of wine.

R's friend M over for the day. Scamp sick. Chat with S while five children amuse with wonderful Wii. Feed three children, take elder daughter to friend's for Brownies fun day. Return home. Scamp still sick. Bake more brownies for non-Brownies. Walk remaining children and dogs. Allow all to climb trees, run about in fields, chase sticks. Return M to fond parents, arrive home to greet returning Brownie. Feed all. Collapse on sofa. Watch The Edge of Love. Fail to spot Neris as extra in court room scene. Finish wine. Contemplate sitting up all night holding sick puppy's paw.

Pancakes again. Washing. Puppy restored to full bouncy health. Nine mile run. Cold shower. Swear. Wait. Hot shower. Cook beef cobbler. Feed puppy again and again. Fold mountain of clean washing. Rub liniment on sore knees. Collapse on sofa. Discover lack of wine. Cuddle sleepy puppy.


  1. Sounds like a gtrat week, hope Pup is OPK and mine included Monty and pancakes too

  2. I hope, somewhere in that hectic-sounding week of caring for everyone, that someone found time to hold your paw too?

  3. I watched Edge of Love too, doing my 'spot our local landmarks' bit. Hectic weeks, Mags.

  4. That sounds like my kind of week Mags....there are a lot of similarities here...and it always seems to be washing and feeding rounds, with more and more adding to the 'to be fed' queue as it is no longer just dogs and kids, but horses, hens, cats, birds and whoever happens to be in the wrote it beautifully, felt like I was racing through the week with you.

  5. Phew, you deserved that sit down Shame about the wine.

    I guess it will start all over again on Monday morning.

  6. Oh oh claim to fame! Edge of Love filmed at our place well the field next door!!!!!!Everyone said Sienna was "luv-ley"
    Wonderfully full week though slightly concerned about eating brownies until I realised it was the ones you made....

  7. My! Such an exciting week, Mags. I climbed out of winter den, almost blinded by the sun, and started looking for my first meal. My week was pretty tame compared to yours (though I did find some berries left over from late fall; they were fermented).

  8. Okay.... now I'm worn out just reading that lot! And hhmmmm.... pancakes! How can I still be hungry at this time of the evening?


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