Tuesday, 15 March 2011

A is for Amazon

I just played a little game with my Google Chrome browser. It dawned on me (maybe a day late and a dollar short as usual) that I access many websites just by typing in the initial letter of their name. So I typed in the whole alphabet and this is what I got:

A is for Amazon
B is for Boden
C is for Jonathan Cainer's horoscopes
D is for Damn You Autocorrect.
E is for eBay.
F is for Facebook (of course).
G is for The Guardian.
H is for Horse Games. I blame my children for that one.
I is for The Independent.
J is for e-cards from Jacquie Lawson.
K is for Knit-a-Square.
L is for Laura Ashley.
M is for Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis.
N is for Next.
O is for The Observer.
P is for Pony Magazine - kids again.
Q is for cashback site Quidco.
R is for Ready for Ten.
S is for Sarah Raven.
T is for Twitter.
U is for U-handblog - a blog about making handbags.
V is for Valued Opinions - a survey website.
W is for White Stuff.
X is for nothing. Apparently I don't visit X.
Y is for You Tube.
Z isn't for anything either. No Zeds.

So what does that all say about me? Guardian-reading internet clothes-shopping money-saving mummy, horse-mad kids, likes gardening, knitting and sewing and a bit of a laugh. Hmm.

What does your browser alphabet say about you? Meanwhile, I'm off to look for some X and Z sites...


  1. Be careful with them there Xs!

    Popping over to say a big thanks to you for all your help. Will be offline for a while so will catch up when we're out the other side of the move.

  2. Oh dear - this is an irresistible challenge especially since its raining here ... off to play browser alphabet

  3. 16 of mine were garden related, and 3 social networking sites .... I am obviously an obsessive gardener who talks about it!

  4. You are a naughty person. Most of us really don't need encouragement to do even more web-browsing.... off to look at Jonathan Cainer now......

  5. Right. Have a go at this:

    A for 'orses
    C forth the Islanders
    H for leather
    J for oranges
    M for myorpwa (word verification for this comment)
    Q for everything
    T for two
    X for the spot
    Z the lot.

    I could fill in a few more, sometime. Perhaps.

  6. I think mine would probably be a pretty similar list, must try it sometime...

  7. Oooooh, off to try right now! New game! New game! Still laughing at the Boden tweet, btw... jxxx


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