Thursday, 31 March 2011

The F1 lambs #1

In previous years we've had half-hearted or accidental themes for the names of our lambs. We've tried the practical such as cuts of meat (we still have the cuddly Chops) - and we've had spring flowers (Daffodil, Snowdrop etc). We've had the whimsical Baary and Woolly and we have used identifying marks such as Patch, Red Dot and One Spot. We've had Horse (because she was huge) and Peanuts because she had little horns like... well, I'm sure you get the picture.

This year, however, we are organised. This year the lambs are being named after Formula One drivers in the order they finished in last year's world championships (I'm a bit of an F1 fan). So, as their namesakes raced in circles in the 2011 season opener in Melbourne, we eagerly awaited the arrival of Number One.

Don't be put off by the sleepy appearance. Sebastian arrived fast, alone, efficient and first. By miles. Eventually followed by:

Fernando and Alonso.
No problems. No drama. Fernando and Alonso just got the job done. They are expected to make good solid progress and provide no cause for concern.

Mark and Webber.
Mark and Webber arrived okay but they now are restless. They seem unhappy with their current accommodation and keep making angst-ridden bids for freedom. At the moment they're inclined to bother Fernando and Alonso and bleat at whoever will listen.

Lewis and Hamilton.
Lewis made a big splash with his arrival in the rain at 11pm last night closely followed by his sister Hamilton. He crashed out of the lambing pen and ended up covered in mud, becoming separated from his parent in the process. Now reunited with his family he's doing really well and is showing impressive bursts of energy and enthusiasm.

More to follow...


  1. Adorable lambs! I love the names :) Following your blog and FB page now...look forward to getting to know you through our comment group!

  2. Well done you and those ewes. Love the names. We are surrounded by lambs with numbers but I suppose if you are lambing c.2000 sheep original names will be in short supply.

    PS Happy the sheep are not ours - we just enjoy the finished products.

  3. Love the critters, and the names. Mostly clueless about F1, though our thirtysomething daughter is a great fan.

    Word veri: "dishi." That's what happens to lambs in the end, right?

  4. Oh Mags, thank you for connecting me via your great photos and words to a part of springtime that I would not otherwise know.

    Your names for this vintage of lambs is superb. I hope all these newcomers will be frolicing for years to come. You've given them a marvelous start on their lives.


  5. Love the name theme! Sounds like the lambs all have their own little personalities already,they're gorgeous.
    Look forward to following your posts through our comment group.

  6. How totally gorgeous. And I LOVE the names!

  7. Sue Moorcroft will approve of their names, she's another F1 fan. No, I'm not going to say anything about Rugby, although next year you should definitely call one of the good-looking lambs Mike.

    Well done on coping with all the new arrivals!

  8. I love the time of year when the fields are full of the new lambs. I live in a small town in Teesdale. Surrounded by beautiful country side. The children often go to a friend of the families farm to feed the lambs and take a closer look. Their aunt owns a farm with sheep and cows and they love nothing more than pulling on the wellies and going for walks in the fields.

  9. Great names. Can't wait to see pics of Jenson & Button!


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