Saturday, 2 April 2011

Greetings from the sick

Oh do stop sneezing. Bless you! Bless you again!
Perhaps it is because I said, maybe once too often, how lucky we were to have managed to avoid any nasty bugs this winter.

Yes, H9 and R7 had succumbed to the occasional bout of cold, flu, vomiting bug and earache, but us grown-ups had remained remarkably and gratefully bug-free.

Until last week.

And the week before come to think of it.

The past fortnight has been one long sniffly, snuffly, sneezy, achy, vomity blast of unfriendly bugs. We've been too grumpy, too tired, too hot, too cold and just too plain ill.

Life, of course, has carried on as normal. Animals need to be fed and walked and (at this time of year) midwifed. Children need to be fed and taken to school and parties and Adran and Brownies. In between times us two grown-ups have taken it in turns to be spaced out in bed or asleep on the sofa. At least we've had each other to sympathise.

It will pass. Today the sun is shining, more lambs have been born, there's a stable to be mucked out, lambs to move from the pen into the mucked-out stable (they grow so fast!) and things to sow and plant.


  1. Oh Mags, we have been battling wit it here too, so huge sympathy, it just leaves you feeling so weary. Loved the lamb blog, we always end up with some entertaining names too, haven't started lambing here just yet, weather is gorgeous, no doubt the hail and gales will come once the lambing starts!!

  2. Oh, Mags, you poor dear! So sorry this has been inflicted on you when you're so busy.

    Bear is feeling sneezy, sniffly, and achy, too. A "gift," I think, from the grandchildren, who've just gotten over this sort of stuff. I was over to read to them a few days ago, to give them a bit of a break from their routine, and to cheer them up (their dad, too).


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