Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Dear weather...

... please stop raining. We're wet enough now.


  1. That lovely weather a week or so ago - that wasn't our summer, was it?
    My husband is a Londoner, from near the Kent border, and it took him years to stop saying how bad the weather was here - just in October and November! He'd wonder why I used to get annoyed when he put wet shoes and coats away without drying them out first. Where he comes from, they never had to bother with such things!!!

  2. I should add that he was hamming it up for the camera. Right little poseur this one! He was thoroughly - and joyfully - muddy.

    Rachel - the Lab (out of shot) is impervious to weather. He was a little damp but he's not quite the sponge the Schnauzer is.

    the veg artist - Hopefully that was spring, but it did rather lull us into a false sense of security. At least the forecast is good!

  3. Cute picture. Sad dog. Rachel's right; definitely not a lab. Or Poodle.

  4. Yup summers gone. I think I blinked.

    Drum roll…. You have a won an award!! I’m passing the LIEBSTER award on to you, if you’d like to take a wee look on my page hope you don’t mind!
    Sorry there's no real prize but have some love!

    ps I've read but never posted in case you wonder who I am

  5. He or she is so cute. Here in Australia my dog won't go out in rain!!
    Please tell me your dogs name.

  6. It is torrential here just now, gorgeous gorgeous pup....maybe if I post a similar picture of Ruby it might help?? lol

  7. that is one posing dog LOL! I love how they turn on the 'feel sorry for me' look when really they've loved every minute of getting wet (not to mention the promise of a cuddle in a towel afterwards ;) )

    Mrs green @littlegreenblog.com


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