Monday, 18 April 2011

The F1 lambs #3

Here we are, the final instalment of F1 lambs - well 20 out of 21 have lambed anyway and we don't have high hopes for number 21.

Number 16 is Buemi. Single, uncomplicated and with a mother who is feeding him like there are six of him. He won't be this small for long.

Number 17 are the twins Pedro and De La Rosa. These are a very bouncy duo and were almost impossible to photograph. I failed to get them both facing the same way at the same time. Pedro here was trying to eat the camera while De La Rosa tests out his shock absorbers in the background.

Number 18 - Heidfeld is a single ewe lamb. Small, quiet, but efficient and didn't cause any problems or anxiety.

Number 19 - The twins Torro and Rosso (sorry but we found Jaime and Alguersuari too much of a mouthful and couldn't tell from F1 TV team or Radio Five Live commentators what the correct pronunciation is, so we took the easy option.) They're a bit quiet here because they've just had their ear tags put in (a legal requirement) and they were a bit shocked. The yellow stains on Torro's wool are from the iodine we use to prevent naval infections.

Number 20 - Last but by no means least, Heikki. A pretty lamb, straight onto its feet. Another one being fed handsomely with no siblings to share the milk bar with. You can almost see Heikki grow.

And finally - an update on little Nico. Most of my late nights have been to feed this little chap. We had been so worried about him because he couldn't walk. If he tried to stand up, he fell flat on his face (with an indignant bleat).

When we lifted him out of the pen and stood him on a flat surface he shook violently. We persevered and every time we attempted to feed him we balanced him on his tiny hooves and encouraged him to walk. He hated the bottled milk we were offering him and his chances seemed pretty slim.

But despite everything his shaky little steps slowly grew stronger. Then one night he wouldn't drink anything from the bottle I was offering and both Nico and his mum seemed to be taking great offence that I was even trying. He got to his feet, wobbled over to his helpful mum and suckled from her udder.

His mum gave me a look which said: "You are not needed now. Go away." I went away gladly with my redundant bottle of lamb milk.

Sometimes you think they are going to make it and they don't. Sometimes you think they aren't going to make it and they do. Little Nico continues to defy all the odds.


  1. I really enjoy reading your updates on the adorable 2011 lambs and their moms. You are allowing those of us who never would otherwise know anything at all about this season to have wonderful close up access. Thank you!

    Also, congratulations to you on somehow finding the energy to do that run. What an amazing lady you are!

  2. Your racy lambs are progressing at various rates. Doing well, overall. Good news!

    And looking cure, too.

  3. Blimey, that actually made me cry! I LOVE that Nico is such a determined character and it sounds like your dedication and hard work have paid dividends. I hope you get some restful nights soon!

    Mrs Green

  4. You are having such a busy month with all those new baby lambs! Love hearing the updates. x


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