Saturday, 2 April 2011

The F1 lambs #2

After the initial rush the F1 lambs put the brakes on a little. Next to arrive was:

Jenson and Button. Cool and very laid-back, these two have been no trouble at all. They're very sociable and love to have their photograph taken.

Little Felipe arrived this morning. He was very slow to get going. Smaller than the others, he looks a little weak by comparison. The top five are leaving him behind at the moment.

Numbers one to five have grown up enough to be moved out of the lambing pens and into the stable. Here they learn about being in a small group before they all go out in the field together.

Mark heading across the yard with Rosie. Mark and Webber settled down after their noisy, restless first day and are now happy and very friendly little chaps.

Webber with his mum in hot pursuit.

Fernando gets a lift with Hannah.

The ewes sorting out who's who and what's where.

Finally a short bit of film of the ewes and the first five sets of F1 lambs in the stable. The lambs use the extra space to test their springs and suspension.


  1. Your F1 heroes are getting a bit closer to the "track." Good news.

    Loved the bit about using "the extra space to test their springs and suspension." So right!

    Hope they all stay well. And you, too!

  2. Fab photos Mags! Hope you are recovered now with all this midwifing going on!

  3. Thank you for a glimpse of life in West Wales
    My husband is Welsh and we come to Wales as often as we can afford. We live in Australia.
    We will be back in September. I love Wales.
    I look forward to reading your blog.

  4. What lovely photos. The lambs look so cute. I love the Welsh countryside too. That and Lake District are my favourite spots in the UK.

  5. Like the new look on the blog.

    There's something ironic about an organic farm naming its lambs after F1 drivers. On the other hand if you'd named them after cyclists that would be even less organic given the amount of injections they give themselves.

    Lots of spring birds arriving in Pembs at the moment - have you noticed?

  6. What a treat - a video of bouncy lambs and their mums! Thank you.

  7. Ahhh, there's nothing like lambs to make your heart sing. They are just gorgeous - thanks for sharing lovely pics and video!

    Mrs Green

  8. LOVE the names! They are so cool!

  9. Fantastic names and they look so cute. Will they be watching the race on Sunday?


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