Monday, 4 April 2011


The hens have turned into big feathery show-offs:

Small, medium, large, show-off
 We're now getting an egg a day from each hen. That's eight per day, 56 eggs per week.

You get your money's worth with this one.
We've also had the biggest egg in the world from one of the Bluebells. She was rather proud of herself.

Well, what did you expect?
Of course it was a double-yolker. We ate it as part of scrambled egg for lunch. It may be omelettes for dinner, coddled eggs for breakfast... then more scrambled eggs, boiled eggs, fried eggs, poached eggs...


  1. Those girls of yours are really egging you on, aren't they. But that's why they're there, so things are apparently as they should be. That's good news.

  2. Fabulous! I love the £1 coin for comparison of size. Now what you need to keep up with those girls is a good olden-days cook book, the kind with recipes that begin: Take 24 eggs..... (and a quart of cream.....)

  3. One of the things that we wanted to do when we moved to NZ was to get some chickens. We haven't managed yet, but it is definitely still very much on our to do list... just a little bit jealous of your great eggs!

  4. !! Loved this post. Our girls, like yours, are producing one each a day. Lots of different sizes and even shapes! I took a picture last year of the most extraordinary egg you have EVER seen, sort of longish and oblongish and uneven!
    Bon appetit. And sell the buggers when you can't stand another egg. xxx

  5. Loving the show off one!

    Eggs Benedict for me please

  6. Lots of ideas needed for egg use here too. Everything was going rather splendidly re sales until a regular customer has a 3 week break. Anyone any ideas for a spare 9 dozen eggs?

  7. That is fabulous! Nothing beats eggs laid by your own chickens. I so want to fry up that double-yolker and pop it in a sandwich! xxx

  8. How fantastic, and you can't beat the rich yellow colour of sponges baked with your own hens eggs....enjoy. Imagine if Bluebells manages to keep those size of eggs up...

  9. Oh my goodness - that's a whopper! Bluebell will be exhausted if she keeps that up... I like eggs, but it sounds as if you'll be quite busy thinking of ways to reinvent them!

  10. Wow, those are incredible and look at that beautiful colour too. Loving that double yolk; you clearly have very happy hens!

    Mrs green @littlegreenblog

  11. What about my personal favourite, eggy bread? Eggcellent eggs.

  12. 56 eggs! don't think even I could keep up with that...but I'm sure our local Centro Latino would love the overflow. just found your blog. look forward to seeing more!

  13. With 12 hens you can imagine OUR daily eggcellent total!

    Am getting a tiny bit fed up of eggs, now.....

    good job I have reggular customers!!

    Hope you all had a lovely Weekend?


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