Monday, 11 April 2011

F1 lambs #3

It's about time I caught up with the naming of the F1 lambs.

Number Seven. Nico was part of twins, but Rosberg was small and cold and we just couldn't keep her alive. Nico is being kept in for additional attention and bottled top-ups. He does 'asleep' so well it looks like 'dead' so I keep having to check he's breathing. We're bottle feeding him at regular intervals. He's perfecting the art of peeing on us.

Number Eight - Kubica arrived without fuss while we were worrying about Nico and Rosberg. Absolutely no trouble at all. A nice friendly lamb. His mother is totally devoted to her little chap and spends all day cuddling him.

Number Nine - Schumacher - is a big Teutonic lamb with little personality but will undoubtedly do well. He's not much to look at (neither is his mother really) just a solid, dependable pair.

Number 10 Barrichello. This was the one born with an underdeveloped cerebellum and had to be euthanased. No picture. I spent too much time with this lamb. Despite the problem with his neck he was a real cutie.

Number 11 Sutil. Put inside the skin of Barrichello and offered to the number 10 ewe. This didn't work (admittedly it was a long shot). Little mouse-sized Sutil was being bottle fed every two hours but was very small and weak. She died on Saturday, despite our best efforts.

Number 12 - The twins that caused all the trouble on Thursday. Sadly one died during birth but Kamui is a big, strong enthusiastic lamb and has already recovered from the drama of his arrival into the world. His face got a bit squished so his eyes were lopsided but things are slowly getting into their proper shape.

Number 13 - Vitaly and Petrov or should that be Vitalia and Petrova as they are both girls. I have such a soft spot for these two. They're lovely big white happy lambs with a calm, sensible mother. They are utterly charming and were springing around in the lambing pen just hours after being born. These two will be kept in the flock so you won't be able to buy these (or Hamilton) as Welsh organic lamb chops in Sainsbury's.

Number 14. Hulk(enberg). My what a big lamb! He spends all day eating and bouncing. A fine lamb.

Number 15. Vitantonio. Another whopper. This one can reach its mum's udder from a sitting position and when standing up he has to bend his knees and reach down to get to the milk bar.


  1. I am really enjoying the lambing at your place...especially as I don't have the worries or the loss of sleep.

  2. This is a gripping tale indeed! Lovely lambs and a range of personalities - I shall never look at sheep in the same way again.

  3. Gosh, this lambing business is a real tale of tears and triumph, isn't it? I do admire you for getting on with it.

  4. What a variety of lambs and stories. I think Kubica is my favourite :-)

  5. Great pictures. I love how you've named them all, sounds like you get attached!! We've had some whoppers this year, too. I don't know how some ewes have given birth. We've had to assist quite a bit but the majority are strong and healthy.

    CJ xx

  6. What amazing stories you tell of your "drivers." "Victories" and, sadly, "defeats."
    So, when do they get to at least look at their cars?

  7. What great pictures, they are so cute when young yet they still scare me. I would be scared to walk in a feild full of sheep x Fab names too

  8. So special. I love reading about the lambs. I got worried with the first pic until you explained little baby lamb was sleeping not dead!!

  9. I hope Nico is doing ok today - I'm loving all these lamb pics...

    Mrs Green

  10. I loved catching up with your story of the lambing season. They are so sweet. Such a shame when things go wrong though...I was rooting for Sutil, poor little thing. x

  11. Wow, such a lovely post! Those lambs look so sweet. Love their F1 names!


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