Wednesday, 4 May 2011

The Gallery: April

This week's theme on The Gallery is April - a month that meant so many things this year: A long school holiday augmented by two double bank holidays and two 'snow' days; lambing; That Wedding; chocolate and Easter egg hunts and Devon with fabulous friends, good food and lovely donkeys.

I can only choose one photograph and this one perfectly illustrates the abiding memory of this April with its seemingly endless sunny days. The garden and the fields are parched and there's been a fresh wind mostly keeping the temperature down but we had one day which was still and a real scorcher.

That day was still enough for me to lie on the floor and photograph the tulips and it was too hot. Fabulous.


  1. I agree, your picture sums up April beautifully. Clever you.

    I keep pinching myself that we're still so early in the season 'must not plant out tender plants, must not plant out tender plants....'

  2. So glad your April was lovely.
    Hoping you have a great summer.

  3. That is a gorgeous photograph :) i love the colour of the tulips x

  4. stunning. I love tulips. A sure sign of a lovely spring in this pic


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