Sunday, 29 May 2011

Proud Mummy moments

My children have got to the stage where they are very aware of my blog and what goes in it. Recently H9, who had made a cake at Brownies, said she had eaten it already so I "couldn't photograph it and make it famous".

Of course, like every mummy, I think my children are pretty darned perfect and I'm am enormously proud of everything they do but I try to respect their privacy. They're not 100% keen on being pictured on my blog and prefer to vet pictures before I use them. They prefer balance too so if one is pictured so must the other.

I tend not to blog about them and their achievements but they are making it difficult not to have gushing mummy moments of 'look at what my lovely children have done now aren't they fab'. I've resisted so far (and have confined such things to Facebook) but there comes a time when these achievements must be recorded. So this is a brief burst of what they've done.

They both won first prize in this year's village Eisteddfod. H9 won for her short story (in Welsh) about guinea pigs taking part in the pet version of the X Factor and R7's was for handwriting.

H9 has also been a member of the school team taking part in the Welsh Books Quiz - an inter-school competition which involves knowledge of books but also acting in a play about one of those books. The team won their area contest, then the county final and will now represent Pembrokeshire at the Wales final in Aberystwyth in June.

Finally, for her Easter holiday homework, H9 had to draw a design for a scarecrow that her class could make for a competition at a local garden centre. Her pirate design was chosen and has been brought to life by her class. It is now on display at Newbridge Garden Centre, Crundale, near Haverfordwest. Visitors to the garden centre can vote for their favourite and the winning school gets £200 worth of plants and gardening equipment so, if you're passing, please look out (and vote) for Black Bart the pirate scarecrow.


  1. It feels good to document their achievements and at the moment my boys dont mind, but I too know there will come a time when they no longer want me too. Well done to your girls

  2. You're right to feel proud. And to share it with us. Well done, those girls!

  3. Your girls sound like great fun.
    Well done on their achievements.
    Do they attend a Welsh school?

  4. Well done, H9 and R7!

    Nicely reported, Maggie (even if you are a bit biased).

    Looking forward to further reports.

  5. They're lovely girls, Mags, and you can now tell them how proud the blogosphere is of their achievements! They've done brilliantly.

  6. Take a bow, H9 and R7! Oh go on, take another bow! Bravo to you all on your recent accomplishments.

    Bravo to your Mom, as well!

  7. Very well done to the girls, loved reading about their achievements, and love the new look blog.

  8. Your girls are doing well! Have fun with them.


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