Saturday, 4 June 2011

A half term haircut

This half term was a staycation with lots of things to do at home (like building the new polytunnel - more of that when it's finished). Funny how we've done lots of things but I can't really remember what. Anyway our main trip of the week was to take one very scruffy Scamp up to see Neris for a haircut.

Neris works with Brian and has helpfully recently completed a course in dog trimming. She also owns two adorable girl Schnauzers - Megan and Lily - and lives a mere stone's throw from New Quay.

Scamp hates car journeys so we hadn't got very far before we had to make the first (of four) comfort breaks. 

Megan pretending to ignore Scamp

It was love at first sight for Scamp as soon as he saw Megan and Lily (and Neris too, but they had met before). 

The three got on brilliantly so we left Scamp with Neris and headed off to New Quay with our picnic.

Burying R7's feet in the sand
New Quay was full of Birmingham accents, lobster-red cellulite, barely contained breasts and people eating chips on the beach.We joined them while we ate our smoked salmon and cream cheese sandwiches, poked about among the shells and rock pools, had ice creams from out favourite ice cream parlour and then (because we were getting sun burned) went into a shop for new sun hats for H9 and R7 (where I discovered Sesalt Clothing).

Then we collected our newly shorn dog, minus a few big knots (we must brush him more). He was rather reluctant to leave Neris, Megan and Lily so he's now busily growing his coat so he can go back again.

Doesn't he look gorgeous?



  1. Oh, yes; Scamp looks delightful, indeed. Trust you're recovering from your staycation.

    P.S.: How is your trek of the Pembrokeshire Coastal Trail coming along?

  2. you wrote.. 'Neris works with Brian and has helpfully recently completed a course in dog trimming.'

    Now I guess it depends on how you read that, but Brian might just be offended.

  3. Always a pleasure to see a neat and tidy dog, but it doesn't seem to last for long!

    "lobster red cellulite" - snort!

  4. Ah. Looks so cute. !!!
    The picture of cellulite and breasts not so cute.
    But I'm sure they were having a great time.

  5. Scamp is so, so handsome now. Will Topsy ever be able to resist him?


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