Monday, 20 June 2011

They grow so fast!

The chicks have only been hatched since the beginning of the month and look how much they've grown in such a short space of time. This week, having realised they are proper little birds with wings and feathers they are doing their best to fly (see video at the bottom of this post).

Learning how to find food.

Look we've got feathers and everything.

Some are blue.

Just as Tardis gets them all nicely lined up one wanders off.


  1. Aw, Maggie. What cuties they are, getting all fledged and the like.

    The bigger question — will they lay lots of eggs?

  2. Ah so lovely, poor Charlie has been sitting on eggs for weeks...but we don't have a cockerel so it is all in vain.

  3. Oooo... both your video and blog have given me my "escape to the country" fix .... keep them coming as it's delightful and refreshing ...


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