Tuesday, 14 June 2011

The F word

I'm on Ready for Ten today too (you see this is why I haven't blogged for a day or two - other things have needed to be written) anyway this time I'm talking about why my daughters won't get fat.

H9 saw the title of the article and said: "Is that because we're always running about?" Yes dear, I said. That's not the whole of it of course, good food, good genes and youth play a part, but it's rare to see an obese child in this part of the world.

The red tops are constantly screaming statistics about the number of children that will be obese by the time they leave primary school but I don't know where all these children are because they're not here. Presumably they're in towns and cities? I have no idea.

I think all this hysteria over size is largely fuelled by a thin-obsessed media with so much scrutiny of 'puffy' tummies and celebs who have 'ballooned to a size 12' (to quote the gorgeously funny comedienne Sarah Millican). We should all rise above such rubbish and stop reading the Daily Mail.

There's too much focus on diets too - fuelling an industry which has to make sure we fail at weight loss to keep itself in business. And don't get me started on cosmetic surgery. Why does everyone want to look the same?

Down with it all I say. Ignore. Rise above. Go running. Eat cake.


  1. I have two nieces by marriage who are obese - one seriously so, and at the age of 14. It is playing havoc with her hormones, she is borderline diabetic, has PCOS, and is one unhappy girl. Her elder sister has fared a little better, but is stil very large for her height. Both were obese as very young children, and it was just never seen as a problem. They have an obese mother, and an obese father who looks fit to drop with high blood pressure. They have an obese aunt who has just had the gastric sleeve op. She weighed over 20 stone and cannot be more than 5ft tall. Not one of them will walk anywhere, and they just sit around all day. They eat no vegetables, do not cook anything from scratch, and regard every mealtime as a chance to "have a treat". They all live in London.
    Sadly, my husband is almost resigned to outliving his siblings.

  2. I agree, personally very anti the diet industry. If you eat well and have balanced meals and an active life then you've found the 'secret'. Trouble with diets is that you just focus on food. Constantly. It becomes the elephant in the room. Then what happens when you come off the diet? Yes, most people put the weight back on!

    What a sad story from the veg artist.


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