Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Blog silence...

Swallow chicks in the stable.

Blog silence because:

  • It's been sunny so I've been outside doing glamorous things*
  • It's been raining so I've been inside losing my usual battle with the housework, sewing (presents so I can't tell you what), cooking (bread, meals, more bread, pizza)
  • On Thursday I nipped out to the local fabric emporium (which is on a farm) and bought supplies for the aforementioned sewing (so I can't tell you what because it's a secret, although I did buy some lovely fabric for a skirt for me).
  • The Urdd** sports scheduled for last Wednesday (when it wasn't raining but had been so the field was too wet) were held on Friday (when it was raining but the field was dry). R7 won the egg and spoon for the second year running.
  • It was a real phew-what-a-scorcher on Sunday and by Monday two of the ewes had flystrike*** so we had to round them up and deal with it.
  • In between times there's been Wimbledon and a Grand Prix (the only times I watch the TV during the day and even then I feel so guilty I dust, clean windows, sew or iron while watching)
  • Today the school sports were held and Brian was on an early shift so I had to muck the yard out, fetch the ponies in, water the polytunnel, feed and walk the dogs, make the girls' packed lunches, shower and drink a pint of strong coffee all before 7.30am (after which I had to wake two girls, find red coloured sports kit, round up trainers, tease tangles from hair, eat breakfast, stuff dog-toys with treats to amuse dogs while I'm out and find my deckchair and leave for school at 8.45am).
  • Then I had to watch my offspring compete in running, egg and spoon (H9 second, R7 third) and tug of war (and feign deafness, invisibility and rigor mortis when the call came for the mums' race) all of which, as any parent knows, is exhausting.
  • I did manage to fit in picking three huge bunches of sweet peas (or they'll set seed and stop flowering), dead head the roses and water the polytunnel again.
  • Now? Now it most very definitely is wine o'clock.

* I jest. Glamorous? Ha!
** Youth sports - all the schools in this area competing against each other. Usually six schools, but we lost two on Friday to their own sports days.
*** Don't ask. Fishermen use them as bait. 'Nuff said.


  1. I'm intrigued now. Find your deckchair? Was that for some arcane mums-only entry in the Youth Sports Day?

  2. rachel - I'd love to claim there is a Welsh sport of deckchair jousting but sadly I only took it to school, sat upon it and clapped fondly while children hurtled past clutching eggs and spoons.

  3. Such an exciting day, Mags. Well done, by you and the girls.
    Yup; wine o'clock all right. Just as it should be.


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