Wednesday, 22 June 2011

The three word Gallery

Tara's inspiration for The Gallery this week was the 'your day in three words' feature from Simon Mayo's radio two show (which I listen to most evenings while I'm cooking dinner).

So my The Gallery three word Wednesdays are:

Polytunnel skeleton completed

"All" we have to do now is make the doors, dig a one foot deep and wide trench all the way round and put on the polythene cover.

Gorgeous sweet peas

R7 and I planted five different varieties last September and they've been flowering their little socks off for about a fortnight now. Here we have (little vase): Anniversary, Mrs Collier, (big vase) Matucana, Black Knight and Midnight (all seeds from Sarah Raven.)


  1. Wow you are such a. Great gardener. I'd love to see some photos of the Wild strawberries!

  2. I love the seeds from Sarah Raven. Never had a duff lot, and the sweet peas are fabulous.

  3. polytunnel skeleton completed! Try saying that after couple of glasses of red! Very impressed with your gardening by the way

  4. Three word response:

    Wow! That's awesome!

  5. Well done on the polytunnel and a big sigh of appreciation for those fabulous sweet peas - the dark blooms in particular are a glorious colour.

  6. What wonderful sweet peas -- we can't grow them here and I absolutely adore them! I envy you!


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