Tuesday, 10 May 2011

I promised you pictures of donkeys...

...so here they are.

We love going to the Donkey Sanctuary at Sidmouth in Devon so when, over breakfast at our friends' house during the Easter holidays, the debate turned to where we wanted to go for the day, H voted strongly for the donkeys.

So a visit to our friends with long ears was decided upon, including lunch in the restaurant where they do humongous sandwiches.

This is Rosie with Rosie.
Another of the yard donkeys.
Noah, one of the Poitou donkeys, greets his fans.
Chocolate is my favourite colour.
Nelly and Sovereign Rose find a sheltered spot to bask in the sun.
We decided that this group would like to come and live on a 22-acre smallholding in the Preseli Hills.
Especially this one. (This is one of Nicola's pictures.)


  1. So you have seen the real life stars of DonkeyCam! Lucky you! Looking forwards to seeing you next week. Cx

  2. How lovely. They are nice animals.
    Our son bought a property in Northern N. S. W. There were two donkeys left there. We all loved them.
    Very noisy at feed time.

  3. Fabulous...are you really going to get some donkeys?? They look so adorable.

  4. Love the photos, especially the artistic one from below! a lovely post

  5. Such delights, Mags.

    Your kids obviously love donkeys. In a few years, will they love jackasses?

  6. Found the link to your blog on the Donkey Sanctuary Facebook page.
    What gorgeous photos - how fortunate you are to have been able to attend Donkey Week!
    We visited the Ireland Donkey Sanctuary last May and it was one of the highlights of our entire trip.
    (You know, I never did post pictures from that visit...do you think it's too late?) lol
    Danni in Oregon

  7. How I love little donkeys....and I support a donkey sanctuary in eastern Canada...even though I live way out in the western part of the country. I just happened on it by way of a very funny donkey blog. Have you ever read Sheaffer's blog? His annual birthday bash raises money for this particular sanctuary. Sadly, this year they haven't had it yet due to some renovations taking place at the lovely acreage where they usually have it......

    I wish I had space to keep a few little guys.... I was even pretending to myself that if I fenced my backyard... I could have a miniature or two just like Sheaffer (because they always like company) .. .....but... probably not.........


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