Saturday, 25 September 2010

Because I'm worth it

So there we were R6 and I watching the Simpsons on Channel 4 and up pops an advertisement for foundation.

"Everyone's talking about (some roll on foundation stuff)", coos Eva Longoria rolling expensive gunk on to flawless skin.

"No we're not," I yell at the telly. "I'm not." I turn to R6, "are you?"

"Er, um, maybe," says R6. Mummy's off on another rant again.

"It's obviously such rubbish stuff they have to 'enhance it in post production'," I continue. I hate those adverts. How can you believe something is worth parting with your (husband's) hard-earned cash for if it is 'enhanced in post production' or 'styled with lash inserts'. (I read a funny blog about this it is: Very Bored in Catalunya.)

I stomp off in the direction of the kitchen to do what one normally does during the ad breaks - make a cup of tea.

"See so we're not all 'talking about it'," I add as a parting shot, mimicking Eva's accent.

There's a pause from the sofa.

"We're talking about it now Mummy," says R6 with her usual dose of logic, shooting ranting parent down in flames.



  1. Those adverts drive me nuts - surely those claims are borderline fraud? Sheesh! If they managed to do anything with my hair and skin THEN I'd be impressed!

  2. Your daughter is very smart. I am with you, can't stand these ads and have a deep ranting hatred of the ones where "you're worth it". No, that is just a nonsense. They just want your money and you will look pretty much the same, but poorer.

  3. I think the makers of television advertisements spend a lot of time and money looking for ways to insult people's intelligence. Or make the feel insecure.


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