Friday, 17 September 2010

Funny Friday

This took place between me and the small but perfectly formed R6 on the way to see the foot physio this morning

R6 (spying a handwritten sign): Ooh look a garage sale!

Me (driving the car, indicating, pulling out of junction, removing coat because I'm too hot, putting on sunglasses, dodging oncoming lorry): Mmm hmmmm.

R6: Oh. It's on Sunday and we won't be here because we'll be having lots of fun at G8's house.

Me (steering car back to the correct side of the road): I could go after I have dropped you off.


R6: How much is a garage anyway?


  1. Priceless!
    Even if you don't make the garage sale, have a fabby weekend at G8s. x

  2. "How much is a garage anyway?" Love that. It's the kind of question I would ask.

    Hope you have a grand weekend.

  3. Brilliant Mags, just brilliant! x


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