Saturday, 18 September 2010

Fashionista? Moi?

So there we are at the wonderful National Botanic Garden of Wales enjoying a sunny but chilly September day.

"Excuse me..." says a voice, tentatively in my direction. I'm in the midst of organising kids, husband, table for four and assorted lunch options in the cafe and they couldn't possibly mean me, so I ignore.

"Excuse me," says the voice again, bolder this time and stands up and heads in my direction. A quite a bit younger than me woman, unencumbered by husband and kids and she's looking at my boots. I give her my full attention. "I hope you don't mind," she adds, "but can I ask you about your boots? What brand are they?"

Husband, kids, food get INSTANTLY forgotten. This is a conversation about boots and I L. O. V. E. boots, especially these particular boots that arrived spankingly new and gorgeous in the post* yesterday.

"They're Fitflop Superboots," I say rather too proudly. "Brand new. Only just out. I've only had them since yesterday."

"Can I ask how much they were? They're lovely," she adds.

"£124.99," I reveal while OH winces next to me.

"Oh, that's not too bad," she says correctly.

"That's made your day hasn't it," says OH as I trot happily back to the mayhem of the queue.

Well yes it did make my day. These boots are unique in my wardrobe (where too many other pairs of boots reside) because I pre-ordered them. I've never done that before. That's the sort of thing rich fashionistas do to get their hands on the latest It bag. But these are Fitflop Superboots. I live in Fitflops during the summer and last winter they did wonderful sheepskin boots called Mukluks which cost £150. I dithered over the price for so long that when I finally decided to take the plunge they had sold out.

So pre-ordering was deemed necessary. I ordered them back in August and they arrived yesterday at 2.50pm hot off the press and immediately went on my feet and off to the school run. They are utterly gorgeous and comfortable. Not long before the I-like-your-boots encounter Brian said they look like remedial motorcycle boots. Which they sort of do, but don't. You be the judge!

* Actually it was a delivery man and I'm embarrassed to say he came to my house two days running at the same time and on both occasions clutching Fitflop footwear (Thursdays were a lovely pair of bronze Electras in the sale from I promised him I wouldn't be buying any more... this week...


  1. Oh, I think I'm in love! These are exactly what I've been looking for...

  2. I really really love boots, and have far too many pairs but these boots, well they will just suit my life won't they? Don't suppose you found any discounts anywhere? no, thought not.

  3. Ugg boots. Rocket Dogs. Fitflop Superboots.

    What next?

  4. Loved your blog on your latest pair of boots. Don't think I need them here, well I hope not. Not that I don't like your boots, but worse temps here around 17c and that is at night and in the depth of winter! Enjoy them. x

  5. That price tag's a bit too hefty for me, but I don't know anything about Fitflops - except the hype. Presumably they really are good though for you to be such a fan. Will have to ask more when I see you!

  6. Jane Lovering - I'm in love too. They are the perfect boot.
    Mountainear - I'm trying to forget the fact there are other Fitflops I don't own...
    elizabethm - I went via Quidco and got £12.50 cashback on these, so there's a discount for you!
    Rob-bear - What next? Bear paws!
    Pauline Barclay - No, you don't need the boots sort, but the sandal or clog-style Fitflops would be perfect.
    Chris - The price tag has meant a bit of scrimping and saving and going without but they are (and I am!) worth it.

  7. Oh, good grief! You certainly know how to scare a Bear, don't you, Mags!

  8. Mukluks takes me back to 1976 when I was working in Canada. I brought a pair home with me and they caused so much comment it was untrue, but now they're everywhere. I only threw them out about five years ago.
    Will be interested to hear how the fitflop boots behave in the ice and snow. I have goretex MBT's and they're lethal.

  9. How much! I refuse to let Jane read this post.

    Ha ha.

    Having said that Mike (14) insisted on buying a pair of white (!) winkle-picker boots yesterday.

    The things people do for boots

  10. You can never have too many pairs of boots or handbags ...

    Mad x


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