Saturday, 11 September 2010

A funny old week...

I love to do competitions. I've been trying to win a car or a new fridge or cash and so far have won a picnic basket, boules, grape juice secateurs, mugs, bowls, muesli and porridge. This boxful is my latest prize from the Dorset Cereals spin the bottle competition. It contains everything I didn't know I needed for a party and more besides - all from Party Pieces. There's an oddly light canister bottle of balloon helium, a piƱata, sky lanterns, all the plates, glasses, cutlery, jugs, ice buckets and bowls you could wish for - so much! With two birthday parties on the horizon for the youngest members of the household, it couldn't arrive at a better time.

Another thing that couldn't have arrived at a better time are my new running shoes. Lovely Asics Cumulus bouncy clouds of snuggly foot comfort. The increased miles in my Cardiff half marathon training are taking their toll on my legs and back and the bouncy shoes stop me panicking I might not make the distance. Lat week I abandoned running in favour of my bike and went for a 10 mile ride through the Preselis on a gorgeous September day past the hill where Colin Firth filmed the TV drama Tumbledown. Where running can seem like serious grown-up hard work, my cycle ride has moments of sheer child-like joy as I speed down the hills. I came back wondering why I don't cycle more often. Then it rained like it has never rained before and I remember that although I love splashing through puddles on foot, I hate cycling in the rain. I'm an all-weather runner, but a fair-weather cyclist.

This new month brings with it work in the form of commissions for articles for the website Ready for Ten. This is a parent-powered website for parents of six to nine-year-olds and I really enjoy writing  for it. It's making me realise that I prefer to be a writer rather than an editor, so perhaps I should concentrate more on this in the future.

Not so hairy
Really long hair is all very well but it can end up ruling your life so I finally plucked up courage to go for the chop. I've blogged before about hair angst and how I love my long locks but running in the rain, its high maintenance needy nature and the fact that I keep lying on it at night and waking myself up finally got on my nerves. I put myself in the hands of the ever patient Christine who swipes four inches off the bottom. My hair responds by bouncing up into joyful curls and I get a shock every time I look in the mirror.

Thirty-five days left until the half marathon. It's sold out, the website informs me, with 15,000 signed up to take part including little ol' me. Gulp. This is when I start thinking, as I head out on another nine mile run, why oh why oh why....?


  1. I want to see your hair!
    I'll get to see it when I'm following you at the Cardiff half - injury earlier in the year has taken it's toll and like you I've freaked seeing that it's full up this year eeeeeek!

  2. Ah yes. A "funny" week, indeed. Not funny "ha ha" but funny "peculiar."

    Parties supplies. New shoes that will help you give yourself the "run around" at Cardiff. (Frankly, can't see running in the rain, but "to each her own.") And I agree: writing is a lot more fun than editing.

    Hope this next week is equally interesting.

  3. Loved your update, made me smile and at the same time admire you with your half marathon and all the training in the rain! Looking forward to seeing the pic with you and Chris Stovell and the medals! x

  4. Still struggling to make three miles so overwhelmed with admiration for your half marathon. Maybe I need some new shoes! That could be the answer.

  5. I second Chris's request. Please post picture of new hair style! xo


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