Wednesday, 12 January 2011

The Gallery: Body Parts - Hairy chest

I was trying to photograph his inch long eyelashes: didn't quite go according to plan. In fact it was an impossible task. Instead I give you his adorable hairy chest (and a bit of beard and a few teeth).

This is for Week 41 of The Gallery at Tara's Sticky Fingers blog. Click the link the find out more about The Gallery, take part or see the other entries.


  1. eee schnauzer! I grew up with 2 of them. beautiful dogs x

  2. He won't sit still for his photograph until he's a grown up! You may have to creep up on him when asleep.

    I have a vast collection of blurry pictures of cats and dogs.... sigh...

  3. Mags you are a complete tease...he is absolutely gorgeous...I want one...

  4. I'd say your dog has attitude! (Maybe more then you're going to want.) But then, he's only a pup, so you can work on that.

  5. Dropped by to view the off-piste excursions. Really enjoyed your last blog, though it fills me with horror. I never liked running even when I was reasonably good at it. I am picturing you taking notes as you run. But the dog with the eyelashes - won't he run? Help you uphill?

  6. Ha, lol :D :D

    Gorgeous dog. Wish I had one.

  7. Oh that is not at all what I was expecting, but much lovelier than I could have hoped for!

    What a cutie!


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