Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Walking in the Preseli Hills

I don't always take my hilly view for granted, sometimes I actually go for a walk in it, like today when Jo and I set off on a path I've been itching to revisit for months.

It looks inviting doesn't it? A nice wide, flat path. Just around that corner, having lulled you into a false sense of security, it disappears and you have to hop over a very big boggy area. This is the path from the nice flat section of road I mentioned in Thoughts on a Nine Mile Run a blog or two ago.

Up to our ankles in bog but worth it for the view. 
Straight ahead is a path for another time, left is the way we have come. 
The view over the other side. 
Teeth-like rocks snarl at the sky.
Carn Goedog.
On Carn Goedog.
From here we waved at Chris of Home Thoughts Weekly, somewhere in that view.
Carn Breseb.

Nice spot for a coffee and some of Jo's chocolate.
We have been spotted.
"Have you got any sangwiches?"
"For me?"
"Or a apple, anyfink will do... just coffee? What?! You've eated ALL the chocklit? What kind of rubbish picnickers are you?"

Looking back the way we have paddled.
Today's horses were all ginger.
Our route took us along the left flank of Craig Talfynydd, past Carn Sian and Carn Bica and to Carn Goedog. We then turned right to Carn Breseb and headed south towards Carnmenyn. We then descended to Caermeini (via the gate where it was very wet underfoot) and followed the bridlepath along a green lane and farm driveway back to the road at the Crymych end of Mynachlogddu. Then it was a short walk back through the village, turning right along the road to Maenclochog and Rosebush, over the cattle grid, on past the Waldo memorial and back to the car. The walk, with a break for coffee and a few meanderings off to look at the views and pat the pony took two and three quarter hours.


  1. Looks like a beautiful walk. How long did it take from beginning to end? The view and the horses are great bonuses! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks Shirley, I knew I'd forgotten something! The walk took two and three quarter hours (which I have now added to the post).

  3. I'm going to HAVE to do this walk now... can't quite work out where you parked (being a newbie in the area). Looks a lovely walk and such friendly chatty horses.

  4. What a lovely walk. I've done a bit of it, but approached from a different direction (left a bit). I can remember the burial chamber of Bedd Arthur, with its curious ship-shape of stones. Carn Menyn is where the Stonehenge bluestones hailed from isn't it?

  5. Fab walk I adore walking. Was that dragons smoke billowing from Carn Goedog?? It reminded me of the puffing dragon in the gardens that Bayou blogged about....Gorgeous views and sooo inviting, just a bit of a long haul for me else I would be there with you...
    Best wishes.

  6. What wonderful scenery, and the delightful pony (who could sort-of speak English).

    I would have loved to come with you. It would have been a grand walk!

  7. What an incredible area to live near. I love the pictures and even I would go walking somewhere that lovely.

  8. So envious. the ridge is a marvellous place for a wild camp too - not too far from the road, and on a clear night you can see stars and lights for miles.

  9. Oh wow......that is just heaven... so beautiful. I felt I was almost there for a little while. jxxx


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