Monday, 24 January 2011

Uh oh. More guilt.

I suppose it was inevitable wasn't it? Something else to make me feel guilty. Wasn't it not already enough to have parental guilt? Now it seems I am to have puppy guilt too.

This is where he lies during the day.

Snore. Zzzzzz.
 Of course I forgot he was there. Of course I ran him over.


There was a slight squeak. I'd just run into him rather than over him. Phew.


That was why he squeaked. I ran not over him, but over a bit of fur he happened to leave in the way. It came off, hence the squeak.


Lots of cuddles and kisses and I'm-so-sorry-but-I-warned-you etc.

He moved.


Don't run me over again.


  1. Ahh...he is soo time you will not dare to sit on the computer chair lest you disturb him...

  2. It won't be the last time, I'll bet! I spend my life apologising to animals who have actually bumped into me, or thrown themselves at my feet on the stairs...

  3. He is gorgeous and will suffer much worse than that, he looks pretty tough to me.

  4. Oh Heck I am always saying sorry to mine too for treadingon them bumping into themand genrally doing the wrong thing but they always forgive!

  5. He'll forgive you. After all you feed him, love him and take him for walks. All in all doggy heaven.

  6. Please be more careful. We dogs are faithful and loyal, but we can be hurt. Fortunately, we're pretty forgiving.

  7. I had to laugh, our Barney does exactly the same, and sadly I do catch him very slightly,he moves or squeaks, but always returns. I am so nervous that I hurt him I hardly dare to sit comfortable ....we love our doggies! xx PS he's on the floor as I type!


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