Thursday, 13 January 2011

Shades of water

Various shades of water from today's seven mile walk around Llysyfran dam with Jo.

So much water after last night's rain.
Deep and still waters.
Even the steps have turned into a river.
Another waterfall cascading down.
A wall of water.
Mesmerising water power.


  1. Wow. Amazing pictures. Hope they'll still be here when Bear wakes up! He will love them.

  2. Fantastic 'water features', loved the gushing steps.

  3. Rushing waters can be totally mesmerising. Looks like a great walk if a tad damp!

  4. Your blog gets prettier all the time.

    Some interesting birds at LYF - do you ever check this blog, it's very useful in some ways, updated every day:


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