Sunday, 2 January 2011

Keep calm and carry on

Are New Year resolutions doomed to failure? Last year I resolved not to make any. So I didn't but then sort of broke that by sticking to the ones I hadn't made, if that makes sense.

You see I carried on running and continued losing weight and getting fitter. That sounds a whole lot like a resolution or two to me. So far (since I started recording my mileage) I've run just over 1,500 miles and I've lost three and a half stone over the past seven years. I have run two half marathons, a 10k and five 5k races. I now think nothing of running 10 miles on a Sunday morning.

So I'll continue on with those resolutions that I made years ago. There are others too. I resolved to write a novel and I have so far written the first draft of four. Perhaps this year I should resolve to finish one of them.

But should you make resolutions or set goals? Perhaps finishing a novel is a goal rather than a resolution, as is reaching my target weight (definitely achievable this year) and running a sub-two hour half marathon (possibly achievable one day).

Then there are the mundane things which really one should resolve to do like finishing the paths and the sitting area in the garden, clutter clearing and painting the house inside and out having first finished the work we're doing on the kitchen, bathroom and utility room.

Finally there are the dreamy ideas and the desirables like running off road in the hills, finding someone to run with (ahem), making my own clothes and handbags (with the piles of lovely material I've acquired over the years), doing more cycling (it's so much easier just to run rather than drag the bike out of the shed but I discovered this year how much I love cycling), continuing my walk on the Pembrokeshire Coast Path with Jo, perhaps trying a sprint triathlon, joining a running club... but I wouldn't kill off any of those ideas by making them obligatory by way of a resolution or goal.

In a nutshell I resolve to keep calm and carry on in 2011. That'll do.


  1. I agree resolutions are too restricting and January is not the best time to put plans into action, far too cold! I think carry on is a good way forward esp in your case you are doing so well!!!

  2. That made me laugh hysterically (and feel deeply ashamed at the same time): "it's so much easier to just run than drag the bike out of the shed"!!!!! You slacker, you.

    Only kidding. 1500 miles is impressive!

  3. I wish I was doing as well with my resolutions as you are with your non-resolutions! I had a go at running and getting fitter earlier this year but am such a wimp I gave up when it got cold. Any advice for true slackers?

  4. Resolutions or otherwise, Bear and I hope you have a wonderful 2001.

  5. Crumbs! Your resolute completion of old resolutions is exhausting enough for this wimpy admirer . Heaven knows what you could possibly add to improve on things !!

  6. Your list is far too much to achieve, just relax, keep calm and carry on if you have to..... but make a resolution to spoil yourself.

  7. A sprint triathlon?? Wah! In huge awe of you!

  8. Tattie - Exactly. Just carry on. Nothing new, except perhaps a few maybes.
    Rachel - Honestly you haven't seen the inside of my shed! It is easier to run. There's a bike in there somewhere...
    ElizabethM - I'm a bit of a slacker too. I just remember that I never regret the runs I do, just the ones I don't.
    Miss Sadie - I hope you and Rob-Bear and your nearest and dearest have a wonderful 2011 too.

  9. SmitoniusandSonata - Most of them are just dreamy ideas. Only the carry on running is an actual resolution!
    Cait - No I don't plant to do all of it. Some of it's fun just to think about doing. Running is 'me' time so I am spoiling myself by doing more.
    Chris - Perhaps not. But maybe. Lanelli half first (if I can find the entry fee!)


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