Thursday, 25 August 2011

The Big Bread Bakeathon #2: Malted Grain Bread

Recipe number two in the River Cottage Bread book is Malted Grain bread. Daniel Stevens says it is 'like candlelight or a soft-focus lens, it is flattering - the Don Juan of home baking'. Don Juan or not, it did seem to be a well-tempered dough. I had time to rise it twice which improves the flavour. This time I divided the dough into two, one for my new 800g tin, the other to be baked on my trusty paving slab.

We scoffed it fresh from the oven with bowls of homemade spicy lentil soup. It got a resounding thmubs up again, especially for its really tasty crusty crust.

Next: White bread.


  1. Looks absolutely wonderful! Too bad you can't send it through the blogsphere.

  2. Mmmm, looks very good! But malted grains are the fast route to a chipped tooth for me.....


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