Wednesday, 24 August 2011

The Gallery: World Photography Day

I haven't taken part in The Gallery for a while - not because I have taken any photographs (I've taken nearly 700 in August alone) but because they have all been specific to things other than the Gallery prompts. But this weekend included World Photography Day so I had to include an entry.

Saturday saw butterflies everywhere in my garden and on the farm. Lots of tortoiseshells, peacocks and red admirals. Butterflies are a frustrating subject to photograph. They're beautiful but elusive. I only have a compact camera with a small zoom so focussing on the buggers butterflies can be a frustrating business. I got this shot though (it took only about 15 attempts!)

Coincidentally on World Photography Day I also got to order my birthday present for next Sunday - a second hand Canon Eos DSLR*. Hopefully photographing the butterflies in my garden will be a less frustrating business from now on.

* There's a story behind this. I regularly used a Canon Eos 35mm camera when I was a reporter to take pictures when the paper's photographer wasn't available. The editor knew I was competent enough to get a good shot. It's quite a thrill to see one of your photographs blown up to fill a broadsheet page or on page one. (I photographed the Queen once and she bought a copy for the Buckingham palace collection). So when I finally saved up for a DSLR I went to the self-proclaimed Canon experts at the camera shop in Carmarthen for advice. The wide boy behind the counter treated me like an imbecile and told me - when I asked about DSLRs - that I could have 'a compact camera for sixty quid'. I felt my Canon Powershot  - I always carry it in my handbag - shudder. Offended, I left, and bought my DSLR elsewhere (from a woman).


  1. Funny, I was chasing butterflies in my garden on Saturday and Sunday, trying to get a decent photo. Your's is a good shot!

  2. Ooohhh which shop did you go to in Carmarthen? I always go to the Carmarthen Camera Centre on St Cathrine Street, they've been ever so nice to me there. Pix of butterfly is wonderful, do love butterflies however frustrating they are to photograph!

  3. Alision - thanks! Yes the butterflies are all hatching everywhere now, pursued by avid photographers.

    Tattie - Yes it was that camera shop. They've always been great in the past but I had the misfortune to encounter a new member of staff who, according to the owner (who later apologised) "has a lot to learn".

  4. I love all the different colours in your photo.

  5. Great "catch," that butterfly.
    I hope you have fun with your new-to-you "birthday" Canon. I broke the bank and got an EOS Rebel T1i about a year ago. Haven't taken nearly as many pictures as you took in a month, but I'm getting used to the camera.
    Happy Birthday, too! (Your 29th, I take it.)


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