Friday, 5 August 2011

More from Dorset...

More pictures from our day out in Dorset, starting at Maiden Castle with a quick lesson from Andrew on butterfly spotting. It's chalky land here so there were blue ones - adonis blues, small blues - lots of marbled whites (which we don't see in Pembrokeshire) and meadow browns (which we do).


I wonder what Iron Age man (here in about 600BC) and the Romans (whose army took over Maiden Castle in AD43) would have made of Trumpton Poundbury? I'd like to think the Romans would have approved.

Fabulous view from up here.

Maiden Castle is a magical place, steeped in history and butterflies. It must have been a phenomenal undertaking to build it. One can only imagine the brutality of the battle that took place when the Romans decided they wanted it. I can see why they did though but I feel sorry for the inhabitants who were turfed off and moved to Durnovaria (Dorchester).

Heading for the coast. Sadly we couldn't all fit into one car so two of us had to travel in Nicola's BMW Z3. Here we're doing about 150mph and as you can see I haven't a hair out of place...

On Chesil Beach we found a partially buried man. I think he'd been there since Neolithic times.

When in Dorset it is obligatory to eat fish and chips in West Bay. The best are from the blue and white kiosk with the biggest queue. Sometimes they have pollack which is our favourite but they'd run out so instead we made do with haddock, chips and mushy peas, washed down with proper English tea.

Then it was a quick stroll down the pier, past all the fishermen with their buckets of crabs, before we headed for home.


  1. Your lovely posts have made me remember the good times in Dorset when my girls were very small.

  2. Love Maiden Castle.... wow, your girls have grown... :) xxx

  3. A wonderful post about a beautiful place, made even more lovely by the butterflies and the neolithic man. Made all the more delightful by the pictures.
    Life here on the prairies is so, different.
    150 mph? A bit racy, don't you think?


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